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Recent posts by Ravi Kotaru

hi folks,
I am preparing for SCWCD and am planning to clear it before this month end. I didn't know we can specify these many tags in web.xml. Its truly difficult to remember all those tags. Is the order of the tags also important? Hope someone would send me those PPTs u guys mention to me too.

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hi guys,
I dont know C or C++, so I am trying to find a jni wrapper. I found JNIWrapper, Xfunction and Jwindows but JNIWrapper and Xfunction are commercial products and JWindows is no longer supported. What I need is an opensource jniwrapper api. I searched up and down on the net but no use. Maybe I have missed some pages so if anyoone of u know where i can find it, please provide it to me.

15 years ago
I am using Java 1.4, J2ee 1.3.1 and Ant 1.3
My env. settings are like this


When I am trying to build J2EE example 'Converter' by issuing the command,
ant -verbose converter

I am getting the following error regarding NTVDM.exe,
A message box appeared with title
"16 bit MS-DOS subsystem"
and message is

<Drive>\windows\system 32\ntvdm.exe
Error while setting up environment for the application. Choose 'close'
to terminate the application

Also the error on the DOS window is ,
"Property ${myenv.J2EE_HOME} has not been set"

While the ant is running I am getting the "ntvdm.exe" error message, when "Init" part of the "build.xml" is started.

I am not understanding the relation between the two, as I have correctly set my environment paths. Please help.
15 years ago
Whatever the reason may be, having those certs are always rewarding

I have searched for the Oracle Forms tutorials in google groups and also in Yahoo groups and I am not satisfied with the results.

But I am still trying.
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15 years ago
great score
15 years ago
Oh no. Sorry to hear that. But thanks for the suggestion. BTW i am not preparing for the exam. I am learning it because i need it for the projects that I am going to handle in near future.

Any way nice list of certs u have got there. May I ask if that long list helped u get a good job or u have done all those for ur satisfaction?
15 years ago
Can any one suggest me where do I get a 'How to' guide for
Oracle Forms Developer version 9i.
I am looking for a free online tutorial.

I have searched for it on Goolge for two days but no use. I found one but it was version 6i.

Please help me find one for version 9i.

thanks in advance,
15 years ago
I vote for
Sun certified programmer, by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
After reading the book i felt confident that I will pass the exam. and I got 86%.
It is a great book. Also 'Head First Java' is a great book for beginners. I haven't read that but I have browsed through it once.
[ November 03, 2004: Message edited by: Ravi Kotaru ]
15 years ago
Thank u all for the congratulations. Especially, I would like to thank Kathy and Bert for their book which helped me a lot.

Bert, would u please tell me what are the books, other than Java2 certification guide and Head First Java, that are authored by u two. I have those two books and I liked them very much.

Srinath, this is the url of Marcus' test.
also try out Dan's collection of SCJP questions at
(I would suggest u to first do some reading before taking the Dan's test.)
Any way All The Best for the test.
[ November 02, 2004: Message edited by: Ravi Kotaru ]
15 years ago
I passed SCJP yesterday ie 28 Oct. Iam trying to enter my certification status in Sun Cert Database. I am a first time user. When I am trying to create my web login the site is returning that no profile exists whith the details.

I want to know how many days should I wait before I can create my profile on the cert. database so that Sun get my exam results from Prometric.
15 years ago
Yesterday I passed SCJP with 86%. Should have got more but its ok. I am Happy.
I have done written lot of mock exams and gradually improved from 50 something to 79% just before exam day.
I would like to thank Kathy and Bert for their excellent book and Dan for providing a lot of questions for the test takers to practice on. I would also like to thank all the team of JavaRanch because it is the nicest site for all the Java lovers.
luv ya all and thanks
> <

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[ October 29, 2004: Message edited by: Ravi Kotaru ]
15 years ago
Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what all the software I need to develop applications on Palm Zire 71. Also please tell me where can I get the tutorials for this.

I searched on Google but got only PalmOne and websphere related results. But I need tutorials and requirement documentation.

I need the docs now. I have to complete it in 4 to 5 hours. Please advice

thanks in advance,

16 years ago
An article on Bit wise operators, especially shift operators, would be good.
They generally do take lot of time in the exam.
Tips on how to find out the correct answer with out need to converting to binary and again back to decimal are very much needed.

thanks in advance
Hi all,
I have purchased SCJP exam voucher at Sun Tech Days. I want to take the exam on 31st Aug (i.e tommorrow). But I don't know if I can fix an appointment for tommorrow. Can any one tell me, about how many days before should we register and what is the procedure for it.

thanks in advance