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Recent posts by Yi Si

I thought such satuiations only happen in China not in India, as I think India is more stronger, maturer than China in IT field.
As Billy Tsai said they are happening everywhere in the world.
16 years ago
Hi, everyone
When i hit url like
http://hostname ort/contextroot/a.jsp
if a.jsp doesn't exist i get websphere error page.
JSP Processing Error JSPG0036E :
Failed to find resource a.jsp
Can somebody know how to custom such error page by websphere setting?
16 years ago
Hi all,
I cleared this exam with 84% last week.A Big Thanks to Ranchers.
Prep time: 3.5 month
Before prepare this exam I haven't any experience about web service, but I have some experience about XML.

Here is books I have used
1,RMH Book---I read all chapters beacause I want to study more.
In fact you needn't read all if you just purpose passing exam
2,J2EE Tutorial(web service chapters)
3,MZ Guide and Quiz
4,BluePrint---I read all......
5,xyzws quiz

About the exam
There were many questions on JAXR and Security.I didn't focus on these portions in preparing so lost many scores.There were few questions of JAXR APIs.
Luckily there were not any question on content of webservices.xml and mapping.xml.Just have a question of where they should be placed.
There were not any fill blanks question.

Next I will prepare for IBM486, then clear SCEA-PartII
Thanks to all
Yi Si

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17 years ago
About option 1 I read following in blueprint :

1.3.3 Reliability, Availability, and Scalability
For Web services, reliability may be more
difficult to achieve because of the unreliable nature of the underlying transport,HTTP; HTTP provides only best-effort delivery and does not guarantee packet or in-order delivery. A Web service is considered more reliable the more easily and automatically it can handle changes in use patterns and system configurations.

About option 3 I think it is a bit ambiguously, If I say that the BP1.0 limits the underlying transport protocol to HTTP(http binding).Someone
thinks it means including HTTPS ,others maybe not.
Maybe this concept is not fit as a option.
[ August 15, 2006: Message edited by: Yi Si ]
I did mock exams on http://www.xyzws.com/scdjws.do?cat=scdjws&smenu=MOCK, found the following question.

What are the main benefits of SOAP over HTTP bindinng?
1.SOAP messages are guaranteed to be delivered.
2.SOAP messages are universally supported across different platforms.
3.SOAP messages can be encrypted and security.
4.SOAP messages can be able to pass through firewalls

I selected 2,3,4 but the answer provided is 1,2,4.
I can't make sense that option 1 is correct and option 3 is wrong. Could somebody make a detail explaination?
Hi erveryone

Hi erveryone

if there is local interface, the corresponding SLB can be exposed to local client.
if there is home interface, the corresponding SLB can be exposed to home client.
if there is endpoint interface, the corresponding SLB can be exposed to web service client.

I want to confirm whether we can have three interfaces simultaneous?

If can , can someone give some advice about such archtecture?
Thanks every body.

I will read blueprint chapter4 ,I think it should be very helpful.
Can somebody give some suggestion about when we should dom and when we should use sax in best practic?
Reynders , Thank you evry much.
Reynders ,thank you very much.
Thank owen and Reynders. The explanation is very helpful.

To Reynders :
Recently I want to focus on some MS technologies of .net(I have some experience of VB and C++ but never about .net).
I saw you have gotten both MS and SUN certification.
Could you give me some suggestion or direction(such as study path) about MS technologies of .net and MS certifcation? :roll:
[ April 24, 2006: Message edited by: Yi Si ]
In blueprint I read

With the Java-to-WSDL approach, it may be hard to evolve the service interface
without forcing a change in the corresponding WSDL document, and changing
the WSDL might require rewriting the service�s clients.

Is this mean that with WSDL-to-Java approach needn't rewrite the service's clients?

On the other hand, the WSDL-to-Java approach gives you a powerful way to
expose a stable service interface that you can evolve with relative ease.

The statement is abstract to me, Can somebody give a detail explanation?

[ April 24, 2006: Message edited by: Yi Si ]
[ April 24, 2006: Message edited by: Yi Si ]
English is not my mother language. I can't find correct explaination about stopover and layover in directory. So I posted this post.
Thank everyone.I think you are right.

I assume that a intinerary will break into two segments if light nubmer change.Then segment will have one-to-one relationship with flight---such assumption will make domain simple

I think that in real-world I can clear those domain problems with customer.
But in this assignment, I can't.
Maybe Sun purposely made one-to-one relationship between segment and flight in BusinessDomainMode diagram.----make domain simple,they is not testing domain expert.
I think Sun evaluator will not penalize me, as long as my assumption is reasonable.
Can somebody explain the deiffience of "stopover" and "layover"?
Which one means without changing airplane?
Hi, all

I haven't any experience about Perl, CGI, but I want to known when system was developed using Perl, HTML, CGI and an Oracle database.

In general, where should the business put into.
(as store procedure or as function writen by perl)

Could someone give some suggestion?