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Recent posts by Alan Google

What is the best book for learning about Java collections (ArrayList, HashMap, etc)? I'm hoping to find something that is up-to-date with the J2SE 5.0 changes.

Which collections are used most often? Which are oddballs for special cases or for backward compatibility? Somebody said that Vector isn't used much anymore.

Which collections should every Java programmer understand?
16 years ago
Thanks for clearing that up.
16 years ago
From the FAQ:

Early in 2003 Sun announced a beta exam for J2EE 1.4, however at the time J2EE 1.4 was not finalised, and the beta exam was put on hold until after J2EE 1.4 was finalised - this happened in late 2003, so it is possible that Sun may release the beta for the new exam sometime in 2004.

Does anybody have any more specifics than "it is possible that Sun may release the beta for the new exam sometime in 2004"?
Nobody is asking Sun to "withhold help", but they are actively "striving to make development in Java technology easier for Indian developers". Those are their words - not mine; they make no pretense about it. That doesn't sound like a level playing field to me.
17 years ago

Who are you going to protest?

I think that Sun Microsystems should be protested. They clearly have a strong pro-Indian bias.
Check out Sun's career path page. The top featured article is "What Every Indian Developer Should Know About Java Technology".

the community-driven, platform-agnostic approach of Java technology has the most to offer Indian developers.
And the language is striving to make development in Java technology easier for Indian developers. Specifically, the recently added support of left-to-right Hindi/Devanagari is an important example of support within the Java technology community for developers in India.

I have spent the last five years coming up to speed in Java. I have taken Sun's courses, bought their books, and got their certifications. I don't appreciate them posting a roadmap for Indians to take my job.
Don't get me wrong; I have no hostility toward Indian people. Most of the Indians I have met have been decent and hard-working people. But what is going on with offshoring is wrong. If Sun thinks that they are going to send our jobs out of the country with no backlash they are crazy.
17 years ago
Rajeev and Mahesh both work for the same company. If anybody who has taken that exam who isn't selling something would post their scores I would be very interested.
How is it possible that you scored a 79%? The exam has 56 questions. So if you got 44 correct your score would be 78%; If you got 45 correct your score would be 80%. That is curious indeed.
How did you manage to get a 79% on an exam that has 56 question? Interesting.
Does anybody know if IBM releases statistics about how many people pass the 286 "Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio, V5.0" exam? I have talked to a lot of people who have taken that exam, and almost everybody has failed it. I haven't talked to anybody who was able to score higher than 70%, and a couple people scored in the 30's. I just failed it myself for the second time.
Both times my score was in the low 60's, just missing a passing grade by 2 or 3 questions. I do have experience with WSAD and I studied for that test for many weeks. I certainly feel that I know WebSphere Studio well enough to be certified.
I have searched this forum for messages from people who have taken the exam to see what kind of scores they got. I could find only two: One person says he passed with a score of 68, and the other passed with a score of exactly 65.
I have taken and passed two of Sun's Java certification exams. Studying for Sun's exams is a learning experience. Sun's sample exam gives you the answers at the end so you can learn from your mistakes. That is not true of the IBM 286 sample exam. You can take the sample exam to see what kind of score you get, but you won't learn from taking the sample exam because they don't tell you what the correct answers were. And the 286 sample exam is not all that similar to the real exam anyway. (I passed the sample exam, by the way).
I won't be surprised if IBM makes changes to the 286 exam, either changing the exam or lowering the passing score.