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Recent posts by Bahadur Khan

Though this may not be very important but still I just want to point out a small mistake in HF EJB. On page 482 ( Chapter 9--Transactions) the second diagram ( on the bottom ) contains the text "Transactions are suspended when they get to a BMP bean", while I think they originally meant "BMT" instead of "BMP" in this senetnce.
Mike I suppose we should spell it like "Excercises"
And what you can do is download any industry server like Weblogic ( developer's trial edition ) or JBoss and you will get the whole environment for running EJB related stuff.
By the way, you said you are running Servlets/JSPs on you Mac OS, so this essentially means that you have JVM running and thats the key. If you can run a JVM then you can run enything related to J2EE on your machine.
try it!
My question is for Kathy.
What do you recommend, if I use Weblogic Server ver 7+ as application server to be used with your book examples instead of RI? As I have more experience with that. I mean, would not it be nice if we use an Industry recognized application server where I need to write all the deployment information myself as opposed to using RI deployment tools ?
Need your suggestion.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys
You are lucky, that you only had to cancel the orders on I waited too long that this book should be avialble there, then I tried Indigo people just 3/4 days back and they said, they don't have it. And you know what,I requested one of my friend who travels every week to Canada as he works with us, and I used his home address in US. On November 17th I ordered that on and when checked on Nov 19 on, they said now its available. huh.. Now my friend is not coming next week, so I need to wait till first week of December when he'll come with my book and on top of it I can't cancel the order now