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Recent posts by Bryce V.

If you have your own .jad and a machine with a broadband connection, you can just install & configure a webserver on the computer, and point the cell phone to the jad file specifically. After you've tested the connection with a regular web browser, just point the cellphone to the same place.

A company i know of does this for all of their cell phone downloads.
17 years ago
My guess at the moment is that the .gif file is in the same location as your source file. Which is why it works.

Have you tried applying the whole path to the location of the while, eg:

I could maybe seeing the compiler bitching about the 2 ":"'s, so i would also try putting the path in single quotes 'x:\' if the example above didn't work.

Yeah... i'm pretty much shooting at the hip here
17 years ago
I picked up the book a couple of months ago. All in all its a decent book. Definitly a good starting book, as i was having some serious problems with some of SWT's api and programming logic. The book was very good about helping get that all sorted out.

I would like to say that i find it extremely lacking in trying to help me extend the jface InputDialog.

But i guess you can't have everything.
17 years ago
One can build a button with text in 2 ways:
1) JButton example= new JButton("w/text");
2) JButton example2= new JButton();
[not like you guys needed to know that ]
I know that in C++ doing it the first way is the preferred, supposedly for optimization purposes. Besides the obvious reduction of 1 function call, is there any extra benefit to setting text or anything else this way in java.
17 years ago
Sorry, but the "implements ActionListener" was added after reading your post. It was adding it and thinking about it that i don't think it will work with my current design. So please disregard that part of my code.
17 years ago
I'll bite... this is the whole class that i'm creating. I guess i have a lot to learn about how to create GUI applications. I was hoping this would be a simple "addition" to my class... but it seems like i might need to do a complete restucturing. Sorry if its unformatted.

How would you change things around to get the functionality i'm trying for?
17 years ago
Thanks again for your advice, but when i try to do what you ask recommend:

i get this error:

SO now if i set the variable as final, i can't change it( or add the getText() to it). What simple mistake am i making??
17 years ago
Please forgive my desire to have an air of mystery about my program. Let me just say that i'm creating a Swing GUI frontend for a command line utility.Its nothing really all that special to have this mystery... but i'm not ready to release the program and code just yet... hope to have a beta ready by the end of the year( hope?!?!)
the code for the function in particular is as follows( kinda long):

I didn't know where else to put the code,that i was asking about in the original post, but i don't know where i will be able to put the code to return a String from the JTextField.
Sharing and showing me how to do this properly would be great.
--PS i use to be a CCNA too... but after i passed my test, the dot bomb hit and i never got to get expirence using my ccna(paid for the training myself). 3 years later, it expired, and i still don't have a job with routers or a tech job in general
17 years ago
When I have a window close, i have this code( this is from a class that extends JDialog, just in case you want to know):

Within the same function i have a JTextField & a String. What i would like to have happen is as the window closes, put the JTextField info(getText()) to the string or just do a straight return.
Is this possible?
17 years ago
Hi all, i admit i have an odd question to post here. Maybe someone has an answer for me.
I am having a hard time getting the full path to a users home directory with Java on Linux. I also can't seen to access some commands from java( in this case "cd").
Output of another program i get the output, "~/prog", i need to find a way to expand the system variable "~". Which i can do under a terminal in linux, but not from within java. Any and all ideas would be greatly appreicated.
17 years ago
Thanks Nathan, that was the solution to my problem. And thanks for showing me how to use removeAll() properly.
17 years ago
Thank you for your quick reply. But i'm afriad that your solution is a little too good for my needs. As i have one class calling multiple functions( each function creates a new window). If i put the removeAll() anywhere in the class, after i close one window, when i call another, there is nothing there( including the window being of no size).
Is there a way to keep removeAll from removing everything in the class, and just keeping it local to one function?
thanks again.
17 years ago
I'm building my first SWING/AWT java program... so i'm an extreme noob when it comes to some things. Well i've come across my first really perplexing issue.
At one point in the program, i call a funtion, which creates a window. To close the window ( in the function) i called "dispose();". Then, if i bring up another window, the jlabels, jbuttons, jtextarea's... are all in the new window.
How do i properly close down a window, so that the first window's objects don't polute the next window to pop up?
thanks in advance
17 years ago