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Recent posts by nick Hussein

This is a window error only. I remember that a year ago I had this error on
windows but not on Linux. I can remember the exact solution off the top
of my head. However, it has to do with "names". Possibly, change the name
of the business method in the exmaple to another name. I am pretty sure that
it has to do with "names" of something and I am pretty sure that it only
happens on windows.

There was a long discussion on this about a year ago. I am pretty sure that
if we have the archives for a year ago, you will see a clearer answer.
I may answered my question. I've found the following comment on another conversation thread. According to this comment, what I am trying to do can not be done..Here is the comment that I've found:


EJB spec explicitly indicates that (section 24.1.2 Programming restrictions):

An enterprise bean must not use the package to attempt to access files and directories in the file system.
The file system APIs are not well-suited for business components to access data. Business components should use a resource manager API, such as JDBC, to store data.

I am tried to get to log4j to work with Sun's App Server, 1.3.1. The java
machine that I am running is 1.4.2_03. Linux is red had's linux 9.2.

I am getting an error :

.. access denied ( /tmp/ read).

The code that I have in my entity bean is placed in the ejbCreate():

PropertyConfigurator.configure ("/tmp/").

Additionally, I've modied the java machines' java.policy file in the home
directory of the java installation. Via the policytool I've the added line:

grant codeBase "file:/tmp/*" {

Any help is appreciated or if you have a differnt method to allow the App Server access to the I've also tried to place the file on the class path of the J2EE server. That did not work with but it gave me a different error:

log4j:WARN No Appenders could be found for logger...

If you got it working, I do appreciate your help.

I am having the same problem. Can someone help us?