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Recent posts by vrayudu kumar

Hello Ken Youens-Clark,

Excited to see you here. Would it be easier to implement IoT projects with Python?

5 months ago
On further investigation found that it's not calling the "load: function(type, data, evt)". Dojo experts please help

7 years ago

My application is based on struts2 and dojo. Basically I am trying to upload a file and send the response back as JSON. Response is coming back from the server; able to view through firebug in firefox. But not able to display it on the browser. Not sure about it. Here is the part of code


function sendToServer(formId, indicatorId, viewId) {
// document.getElementById(indicatorId).style.display = '';
var bindArgs = {
transport: "IframeTransport",
formNode: formId,
handleAs: "json",
form: dojo.byId('attachFileForm'),
load: function(type, data, evt) {

// var data1 = JSON.parse(data);
// console.log(data1.validUser);
document.getElementById(viewId).innerHTML = data;
var request = dojo.io.bind(bindArgs);


Action :

boolean validUser = false;

String jsonObject = "{ \"validUser\": \"" + validUser +"\"} ";

return null;


<action name="fileUploadAction" class="com.venom.action.FileUploadAction" method="display">
<result name="none">pages/index.jsp</result>

Please help.
7 years ago
i have to develop web help for my project. I want to use dockbook? couldn't find good tutorial.

like this in http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-compute/admin/content/

Kindly help.
10 years ago
On opening a window with window.open the request parameters that are appended to the URL should not be visible to the user.

Is there any other way ?
I don't want to pass parameters by appending to the URL. is there any other way to pass request parameters?
Can we submit form parameters using window.open("test.action?flag=true","","")
I could find the reason for WebPage expiry...Cahe is restricted..
10 years ago
I have clicked on back button between two actions of my web application, it shows "Webpage has expired" in IE and

and in Google Chrome browser

"Confirm Form Resubmission

This web page requires data that you entered earlier in order to be properly displayed. You can send this data again, but by doing so you will repeat any action this page previously performed. Press Reload to resend that data and display this page."

How to resolve this?

10 years ago
As we are using applets in our application, any applet which recognizes our voice and play back support.
10 years ago
Our requirement is to record voice of the customers from a web site? for that i need a free tool which can record voice and play.

Kindly suggest me any free software.
10 years ago
Can any one suggest me free recognition tool which can embed in JSP?

Thanks in advance,
10 years ago
Is there any site to write mock exams for each objective?
Is it possible to show the list of discoverer reports as links in portlet?
13 years ago
I have a requirement like, I need to show the list of discoverer reports in the discoverer portlets which I need to access from my application. It should be along with one of other portlets and should be customizable.
13 years ago