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Hi All
I didnt knew where to post this so I am putting it here. These days in my current company I am hearing a lot about SOA.
I did some research on google and found so much stuff about it. Just wanted to ask all the ranchers if they know any good articles about it or if we are discussing it here.
18 years ago
Hey All
I have a 5 Gallon and 3 gallon Water Containers and Lots of Water. How do I measure exaclty 4 Gallons of water. THe containers are not marked and I dont have any other Containers.
19 years ago
Hi All
I had an interview with a preIPO in Silicon Valley and the guy asked me about Weak hashTable and Weak Reference in the context of Garbage Collection. I was not able to answer it properly. Rest of all the questions I answered
[This message has been edited by Alkesh Nandanwar (edited April 15, 2000).]
Hi Deepa,
The discussion is still there but it's been moved to egroups. At this moment Javaranch is the best site
hi all
how many objects do a lock have?
c)one per method
d)one per synchronized method
hi Nalini,
The below paragraph is from JLS:
A a method declared in an interface must not be declared native or synchronized, or a compile-time error occurs, because those keywords describe implementation properties rather than interface properties. However, a method declared in an interface may be implemented by a method that is declared native or synchronized in a class that implements the interface.
As Marcus said time to time that his third Mock Test is still not official, you will see lot of mistakes in the exam
hi Milind
first congrats for passing SCJP with flying colors. Now I think I am ready for the real exam. I will be taking it this week.
Marcus's third Mock test is still not public and it got lot of errors.
I scored only 62% in it
hi Anna,
I totally agree with you now.
It changes the implementation without changing the interface and causes no consequential changes to other code.
This is the right option
Which lines of output are displayed in the foll. program?

I tried this code and the answers are a and b
can someone explain me the logic
Which is the advantage of encapsulation?
A.Only public methods are needed.
B.No exceptions need to be thrown from any method.
C.Making the class final causes no consequential changes to other code.
D.It changes the implementation without changing the interface and causes no consequential changes to other code.
E.It changes the interface without changing the implementation and causes no consequential changes to other code.

I think the correct answer is c)
Any comments
Is this true about GC:
The garbage Collector informs your object when it is about
to be garbage collected
4 and 5 are the right answers
Because we are comparing the primitive values and == will promote the operand to the right type before comparing.
Hi all
I am planning to take the SCJP next week, four days from now. I have scored 88% and 82% in Marcus'd two mock Tests respectively. Today morning I scored 83% in RHE Mock Test and scoring more than 80% on each mock test that r mentioned on the site. So the questoin is,I am Ready?