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Recent posts by Moody Hopkins

As a Senior Developer, I am looking for information to help me get to the architect level. Would this book be a good starting point to help me "know what I don't know"? Or would you recommend another resource to get started on that path?

I am having the same problem. I want to capture ant failures in the batch file or shell script I use to call ant.

Does ant expose the error code to the outer envirnoment?
19 years ago
yeah I was joking. I found the thread on scoring and I thought it was pretty funny. I like the idea of pretend moderation.

Thanks for the reply!
20 years ago
sorry just searched this forum and found this thread
I guess just add my vote.
(please don't score this -2)!!!
20 years ago
I would like the ability to search all forums instead of just one. Quite often the help I need is in a forum I did not think was relevant.
Can this functionality be added? I would be glad to help add it if you like - I need to bump up my point score (c;
20 years ago
check out the javadocs for HttpServletRequest.
There is a getRemoteUser method that will do what you need.
(or similar for your jdk)
20 years ago
You can get the user information using:

look at the javadocs for HttpServletRequest.
There are a lot of methods that might help.

( request.getUserPrincipal() is also available )

Good Luck!
20 years ago
Found this on another site and this fixed it for me!
[Accessing EJBs, node 15]

Good luck!
20 years ago
Thank you very much for the link! However, after reading the article, it seems that it still uses the positional notation. The only difference is the parameters are named in the stored procedure. The java code still has to know the order of the parameters. This is what I would like to avoid.
Perhaps this is not possible? But it must be, why else do we have the functions overidden with named parameters?
What I would like to do is avoid the ? thing altogether.
How do you use the CallableStatement and parameterNames?
I do not want to use the indexes (indi?) and wildcards if possible.
I know how to use the ? type statements.
I would like to use these type of "setX" methods:
setString(String parameterName, String x)
instead of the :
setString(int parameterIndex, String x)
type methods.
Is this possible? If so, how do I create the statement?
Is there another way to pass the form element values to the applet?
Seems like it should be easy...
20 years ago