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Recent posts by Ray Beaumont

But getting back to sick pay - most companies in the UK just give you a couple of weeks sick pay - a government employer generally gives you 6 months full pay, 6 months half pay.
I have sickness & disability insurance which only costs about �50 a month, and will pay me a salary up to retirement age. I think it's worth it for the peace of mind, (but I seem to be in a minority when I talk to my peers about it.)
16 years ago
I've seen 2 seperate articles in the papers saying that :
1. For people to be facing early 1990s style mortgage payments, interest rates would only have to go up to 5%, due to the huge amount of debt people have taken on at lower rates.
2. Interest rates are predicted to be around 5% by the end of 2004 (or might be 2005) by the financial markets.
Scary stuff. I just hope 2. is wrong.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Rei Damle:
I got some of the following
1.What is static and dynamic binding?
2.What parts in java are static bound and dynamic bound?
3.How does JVM achieve synchronization?

What's the answer to those then?
16 years ago
One piece of advice I'd give is to get a good book about drawing up business plans. I got
The Definitive Business Plan: The Fast-track to Intelligent Business Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs (FT)
by Richard Stutely. I'd spent quite a lot of time on my pet web based business idea only to take another look at my business plan with a friend I got in as a fellow director and come to the conclusion that I'd wasted my time
However I look on it as good, if time consuming practice, and have been able to reuse a lot of my code in my next venture, which I have written a proper business plan for. I've spent quite a long time going through the details with friends, and have decided that my current plan is
a) achieveable
b) potentially profitable
16 years ago
Just an observation - I've applied for a job with a large multinational company which spends approximately 25% of its turnover on IT every year.
Apparently they've had good results with the outsourcing of their technical support centers to India, but have had much worse results outsourcing development work, regardless of whether the contractor was based on a different continent or a local company 10 minutes walk away. I suspect that there will be a limit to the amount of outsourcing that it is possible to do.
They then added that they saw Australia as a lower cost base and intended to double their IT staff there every year for the next couple of years. I may be packing my surfboard and applying for a visa.... (actually maybe the other way round)
I suppose what I'm saying is that this flow of work works both ways - I certainly wouldn't mind taking a pay cut to move to Australia!
16 years ago
I think that your applet is wonderful. However the number of questions is fairly limited. Have you thought of adding some more / changing them occasionaly?
16 years ago
Thank you for that - name duly changed...
Just to clarify what you said, it seems that my problems are because of my naming:
<option value="-1">Please select</option>
<option value="1">Mr</option>
<option value="2">Mrs</option>
<option value="3">Mr & Mrs</option>
<option value="4">Miss</option>
<option value="5">Ms</option>
and I need to change it to:
<option value="Please select">Please select</option>
<option value="Mr">Mr</option>
<option value="Mrs">Mrs</option>
<option value="Mr & Mrs">Mr & Mrs</option>
<option value="Miss">Miss</option>
<option value="Ms">Ms</option>
I think that these forums are wonderful. Previously I could have spent days experimenting working out a problem like this.
16 years ago
I have a registration form. If a user makes a mistake he or she gets sent back to the registration page by RegisterForm.java.
Struts is automatically filling in the free text fields so that the user doesn't have to fill in the whole form again, but is not preselecting the drop down fields. I'm not sure why this is happening. My jsp code is:
DropDownFactory factory = DropDownFactory.getInstance();
request.setAttribute("personTitle", factory.getDropDownBean("Title"));
<html:select property="title">
<html ptions name="personTitle" property="idList" labelName="personTitle" labelProperty="categoriesList"/>
The personTitle DropDownBean has a method called getIdList(), which as the name suggests returns a List with the Strings "1","2","3" etc. that match the Title table in my database.
Does Struts have the capability to select these choices again, or am I going to have to use something other than the <html:select> and <html ptions> tags?
16 years ago