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Recent posts by Sadanand Murthy

Originally posted by Will Sillmon Jr.:
2.) servlet: takes company and key and runs query on them and retuns a 180 char string called myResponse.

3.)myResponse: subString is used to divide string into different fields and each field is then given a name.

Why are you returning the query data as a String which then has to be parsed into the component fields? Instead, create a POJO which represents the data returned by the query & return an instance of this POJO populated with the data returned by the query. Then you can put this one object in the session; get it whenever you want and access the various values via the accessor (getter) methods.
If the query returns data about an employee,
  • You create an class with get/setFirstName(), get/setLastName(), get/setDepartment() etc. methods
  • The method that executes the query instantiates an object employee of the Employee class & sets the various fields (employee.setFirstName(), employee.setLastName(), employee.setDepartment(), etc)
  • The servlet will return the employee object
  • You put it in the session - session.setAttribute("Employee", employee);
  • You retrieve it from the session - Employee emp = (Employee) session.getAttribute("Employee");
  • Access the fields of this - emp.getFirstName(), emp.getDepartment(), etc.

  • [ January 04, 2006: Message edited by: Sadanand Murthy ]
    18 years ago

    Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
    I have 2 Tamilian friends, a Mallu friend and a Kannada friend. All of them need Curd Rise at least once a day. If they don�t eat curd rise by any reason, they start missing it.

    I am about to leave to try Curd Rise in dinner.

    I am a South Indian and I don't care if the curd rises or not. If you are talking about curd rice, then I could come over.
    18 years ago
    I would recommend getting an International Driving Permit. IDP is generally valid in most parts of the world provided you also have your driving license (in your case, German license). Here, in US, American Automobile Association issues it. There must be similar automobile/motor association in Germany where you can get the IDP.
    18 years ago

    I'm sure you mean 3 lakhs & not "3, 00000 lakhs" in the following:

    If I have offer letter in my hand for 3, 00000 lakhs. Is it advisable? To show the offer letter to HR and demand for hike in salary according to that offer letter."

    Don't show any job offer that you may have to your current employer. However, you can always mention it outright or via a hint face-to-face.

    As regards to demanding a specific amount is concerned, you can always do that but you won't get anywhere with such a demand unless you can justify that number.
  • I don't know how valuable certifications are in India at this time; but if they are & if they can be somehow quantified, that will be one factor.
  • Market value is another.
  • Peer compensation, however difficult it may be do determine that, is certainly yet another justification factor that you can use. If you do use peer compensation as a comparative figure in your discussion with you manager, don't mention names.
  • If you can also convince your manager of your worth & your contribution to the project, that will go a long way in getting you the salary you think you deserve. An immeasurable device for this will be the favorable feedback/appraisal from the client manager.

  • Will your demand this early in your job stint be counted against you further down the line? Well, that depends on:
  • [list]Your continued/continuing performance
  • The philosophy & ethics at your company and more importantly your manager. If you continue to deliver on your promises and deliver high quality work, then that will count very favorably towards your self-assurance and your self-analysis. If your manager and company have integrity they will recognize this and your value & stock within the company will rise.

  • Hope this helps.
    18 years ago

    Originally posted by Stephen Boston:

    I used to think nasty thoughts at the person with the full head of hair, but that was in the past. Now I find it very easy to do my hair in the morning. Just towel dry my head. The hair on the side of head lays flat due to being cut short and of course I have nothing on top. (I kinda look like Bear but without the beard.)

    Hair is over rated anyway.

    While waiting in line at a rental car agency at an airport, I overheard this remark by one bald guy to another:

    God made a few perfect men; to the rest he put hair on their heads.

    18 years ago

    Originally posted by Smriti Katyal:
    I am sorry. I made a mistake. That allowance was for people in Business visa. I am not aware of my compensation yet. How much should i expect?

    Don't make any decision till your compensation package is determined and your are given the details.

    Will you get an allowance/a stipend here in US while getting a base salary in India? If that is the case then you may get a raw deal if the compensation package is very similar to the B1 visa holders since (as far as I know) H1 visa holders in US pay taxes but B1 holders don't. B1 visas are not given to software stints in US. B1, as the name suggests, is for purely business visits (a conference, a meeting with a client/company, a trade show etc.).

    Will your company provide you with medical insurance? How much of the insurance premium will you have to pay? How good a coverage will you have? If it is the bare minimum coverage and you are in need of some serious medical services, then you will be in the deep hole, financially speaking.

    Make sure that they don't pull a bait-&-switch on you by offering you $X per hour for one city & then actually send you to a different (that may have a more expensive cost of living) city for same $X per day.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Mohan Karthick:
    The draw back when ever you get selected , go for best facilities(house, car etc) along with salary as your passport is kept with the company

    My brother, who is a chartered accountant is in Kuwait & his company has not taken his passport. His wife works there in some IT company. His company pays them round-trip ticket once a year to his home town with a month-long vacation. Kuwait is also a very liberal compared to the other Arab countries.

    So, the passport policy very likely depends on the company. Before moving there, I'd recommend that one find out what the passport policy is and if the holding hostage of the passport by the company is even legal in that country.
    19 years ago
    I agree with Peter's thougths on this. On-site work requires certain skills, especially soft skills - includes language skills, people skills, presentation skills etc. Perhaps the chosen one was better at these other skills and had enough tech. skills to be able to handle the job on-site.

    In an office environment, visibility also counts. Things like participation in office events, picnics, outings etc. Things like doing the job, and only the job - heads-down programming.

    Perhaps the PL was more comfortable with the one who got picked for the on-site job. That is where personal chemistry comes in. Perhaps the fact that you are female made the difference.

    All this is mere speculation and it will likely not help you since no one here is in the same company and is privy to all that you are privy to. If you are bold enough, you could ask the PL for the reason .

    Is this the 1st time that this happened to you? If so, don't to a foolish thing like not taking your job seriously. If you are not happy, then quit. Otherwise, take this up as a challenge to yourself, find out from your PL what was lacking in you that caused you to miss the boat (airplane??) and work on that aspect.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Marc Peabody:
    In the past I have tried Aloe but using the actual plant is sticky and smelly.

    Aloe can be purchased in cream form. Try Calendula ointment.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Mehul Sanghvi:
    At times it really surprises me as to why would the same letter in a script (Latin) be pronounced differently in different situations.
    like in Jalopy and Jalapeno..!

    In any of the Indian scripts (Brahmi) every constant will always be pronounced the same way in any situation. This is one of the changes thats really difficult to grasp for people for whom English is 2nd or 3rd language.

    Jalapeno is not an English word; nor is it derived from Latin. It is of Spanish origin in which J is not pronounced the same as English J.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by rathi ji:
    As I alreday told you that I am not disagree with you .
    But I think , it is not the always that company will hire an already experienced , *very-very good* , *expert* architect ( actually it is not possible to find always ) so they can hire a person who has shown his/her desire to learn new technology , desire to get cirtificate etc , that may be expert in near future ...

    Atleast , Junior Architect ....

    If any company hires an architect based solely on certifications, then that company's software systems/apps will be a dismal failure if that person doesn't have actual work experience. And this work experience is not just taking someone else's design and coding a component. Architecting solutions requires a lot more than just the desire to learn new technology. I've interviewed candidates who have listed their titles as Architect, Application Architect, Tech. Lead etc with years of experience (according to their resumes). Most of such candidates have failed miserably in the interviews. Even for the role of a sr. developer. Many of such candidates that I've interviewed didn't have the java/j2ee technical skills/knowledge commensurate with the years of work experience in java/j2ee.

    I personally will not care a whit for the certifications, especially if I'm interviewing the candidate for a lead/architet position.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Gerald Davis:
    Many people here in Blity buy SUV buy it for show. Just as the sports car has the speed appeal SUV have the off-road appeal. You would be surprised how many SUV driver with those spare wheels, don�t have a jack to use it if they get a flat.

    Some SUV should be designed as road only vehicles; they can look like SUV but does it have to be a 4x4, the suspension suited for off road, overpower engine with low mileage and does those spare wheels holders actually have to contain a spare wheel; I would love it to contain a picnic basket and a beer fridge.

    Beer aahhggg!!!

    Isn't jack standard tool with any vehicle you buy in Blity (is that a slang for Britain)?
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by peter wooster:

    They refer to variables as pronouns, constants as nouns, functions as verbs and operators (functions that take functions as arguments) as adverbs,

    Adverbs? I thought we did away with those quite a while ago? At least here in US that appears to be the case, if you listen to anyone, anywhere; be it at work, at the gym, on the tv. No one, it seems, is even aware of this part of speech. Not even the National level newscasters. Most certainly not the local newscasters.

    I cringe every time some tells me to drive safe.
    [ March 18, 2005: Message edited by: Sadanand Murthy ]
    19 years ago
    Indians learn English as a 2nd language. In some schools English is taught from a very early grade, in others in a higher grade. The quality of English teachers varies from school to school. There is a very strong (strivt, actually) emphasis on learning grammar. However, many (perhaps most) can't think in English; they think in the Indian language that they are most comfortable with/in and then translate it into English. Over a period of time even this becomes second nature.

    Since many (if not most) Indians tend to translate (to a large extent, literally), a phrase, sentence, statement,what have you, into English from the Indian language that they are most comfortable with/in. This leads to these types of questions (or doubts ).

    That is also why you see statements like "gave a slap on my face" because that is the literal transalation from hindi (& perhaps other Indian languages, too).

    That is also the reason for the missing auxiliary verbs in questions asked by Indians (ex: "why you did it" instead of "why did you do it?"). Hindi and other India languages don't have the concept of such auxiliary verbs. And, oh, in many instances, in Hindi and other India languages the order of subject, predicate & verb are not rigidly fixed as it is in English.

    Besides, there is the cultural aspect to this. Certain phrases is US English have a different connotation in Indian (& UK) English. The "I don't care" example cited by Dave Lenton is one that I'd to contend with during my initial days in US.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Pradeep Bhat:

    FM is ready to reduce it to Rs.5 /-,rather than rs.10.

    This press report says the he is willing to change 10k to 50k. The news headline was misleading though; it said that the FM may rollback the transaction tax.
    19 years ago