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Recent posts by Rudy Harianto

On the last paragraph of Java FX Sun's official website says that:

JavaFX Script applications will run on JavaFX Mobile software, making these types of applications a reality for the mobile world.

Is that means that we can just write one code to run perfectly on the desktop PC and mobile device? including all of it's features and functionality?
please suggest me:
how to detect the location that user type in the url address bar?
this is useful to log-off the current session if the user go out of our application.
note that: window.location only gave the current location.

congrat Lucky, awesome mark you've got there

i'm Indonesian too.. but jakarta is not my hometown..
i'm from the city that are use "original java language"
can you guess where it is?
18 years ago
i've got the score report in my old address on certmanager.. fortunately my friend still stayed there and got my score report. it's 90%.
but still haven't got the kit yet
when should I contact sun to request it to be re-sent?
18 years ago
I mean.. In my experience as a developer, i don't use XML that much.
Just for the deployment descriptor(configuration) and wrapping-sending data.
Based on that, I'm not sure what's the point in getting the certification.
Maybe my opinion came cause that i'm not into deep on the XML technology. So maybe anyone can explain if there are any other useful benefits from the XML?
i need the detail for the topics covered on the exam.
can anyone please provide me the link to the official site?
and just cross my mind.. why the vendor is IBM? are there any other vendors conduct the XML test? and if any which is the best?


Originally posted by Amirthalingam Prasanna:
Not a SCJD or SCEA but able to login to certmanager. But couldn't see my score there.

me too..
all other certification score (SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD) are there, but not the SCJA
does it need more time to see the updated score?
18 years ago
Since it was design to operate on wireless device, for the exam, is it necessary that we use real device that support J2ME, or it's ok if we use some kind of simulator?
and sometimes from the mock exam, we can get which topics or sections should we concentrated and memorized to be succeed in the exam.
i've tried that link a view minutes ago, it wasn't working.
but now it's working perfectly
Thanks Sathya.

Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:

It is not that hard or that easy, IMO. Hard working will overcome the difficulty of the exam easily.

one of the difficulty on this exam is: there isn't any certification book available yet. and that should makes us work extra hard
how about the sun official tutorial about J2ME? is it available? and is it helps in preparing for the exam?
You can try to contact them through this email address:
good luck
Dear Mr. McKinsley,
I'm Indonesian (Chinese). I have 2 years of working experience in a J2EE project.
Please contact me at

18 years ago