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Recent posts by E. Messing

Hello All
I need an advise:
I am looking for a web-framework that can help me with my requirement of supporting different profile customers. I.E. some of the customers will use PC, some will use PDA like IPAQ and some maybe WAP phones.

The resolution is off-course different, the HTML / WML support is different and so on.

What do you think ? Do you know of a product that answer this requirements ?

Thanks !!
I am a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (final score 95) who is moving to Heidelberg Germany. I am in the IT business for the last 9 years now.

I have more than 5 years of experience with Java and J2EE. Familiar with integration projects, Web-Applications projects, worked on JBoss.

I am looking for a job position in Germany. My English is fluent, and my Germany is currently basic - but I'm now in the process of acquiring it.

If you are looking for a professional - please let me know.

Full CV can be found here :

Mail : elad@messing.co.il

17 years ago
HI All
Just wanted to point out an important note:
When checking for the results for part 2-3, Sun advises you to check in :wrong.
However - the score is posted first in URL=http://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment]here[/URL] .

I don't know, maybe letter the certmanager site is updated - but since we are all eager to see our results ASAP...
Hi Sridhar
I didnt get your email yet..
Show 2 prices - 1 for each grade.
I dont think the number of seats changes the price of a flight. Its not ice-cream
Hi all
Does any one know how to create "Packages" in "Component Diagram" in Poseidon ?
I can only add components, component-instance and classes.
Thanks !
Hey John
I thought that "status" or "payment status" (a member in the �Itinerary� class) is enough for marking the itinerary as paid. Do you think otherwise?
According the use case - there is no different if the customer is working from home or through an agent. So - all customers must have profiles.
BTW - Travel Agents will probably have special rights in opening new profiles, canceling flights for customers etc..
As far as my knowledge, the best way to traverse RMI through FW are tunneling. Opening ports is not very common in todays world, and the client can hide behind more then one company FW - hence making management of FW premissions even harder.
The FF secs are very vogue. I couldn't seem to understand whether it is
* only a "checking-account" like application - that gets the customer , and the mileage to add/deduct from its account.
* has deep "Business Logic" (B.L.) and the system gets the customer, the flights he ordered, and knows how to calculate the mileage to add/deduct.
There are certain issues that arise from choosing either choice like :
If option 2 - then does the Itinerary application shows (in the "show itinerary price to customer) the number of mileage needed for the trip (because this knowledge is part of the FF system - not the itinerary system). This means that the interaction between the new J2EE application will be to fully interact with the FF system - not just "retrieve the customers mileage account status".
Also - if option 2 - what happened before the FF system was built ? The FF program (not "computer-program" , but "customer-program") was there for a long time ago, and surly the 3270 application knows that paying in mileage is an option, so where was all this B.L before ?
If option 1 - then why did they spent .5M dollars on a simple calculator.. doesn't seem logic to build such a program just for that...

What do you think ?
RMI/IIOP is the technology where RMI is invoked through the IIOP protocol. And the IIOP protocol can use SSL. It likes layers of an onion...
SSL is a transport protocol. This means that many upper protocol can "ride" on it on their way to their host.
These days , the most used "rider" is HTTP - because of the common use of Browsers as client tier. And browsers know HTTP. BUT - every upper protocol (including - for example - IIOP, JRMP)