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Recent posts by Anand Ko

deepak adlakha wrote:Congrats !!! and all the best for part 2/3

can you please suggest Is JEE5 Tutorial is sufficient for web service / JSF ? or do we need refer some other material too.

tutorial is sufficient. questions will be generic and no api based. so you need to know when, where and what to use?
14 years ago

fulvia grignaschi wrote:congratulations! did you use some mock tests?

didn't use mock tests. i recommend to take a couple just to get know the format the questions are asked..
14 years ago
finished with my scea 5 with 67%. It was on my list for some time now. the exam was difficult than expected and lot of multiple choice question.
score is less that I wanted.. i am happy that i scored 4 sections with above 87% (one section with 100%) and other 4 sections around 50-55%.

materials i refered:
-scea book -paul
-j2ee 5 tutorial
-design patterns ( core & j2ee )
-EJB2.1 & 3.0 pdfs book

14 years ago
thanks ravindra.. That helps.
14 years ago
Congrats !!!

-what kind of question do we expect in case of JAXP, JAXR, JSF... Is it API based or general architectural questions? Any hint you possible could give me or place where i can find some.
-Also if you can let me know the kind of material for the above topics...
14 years ago
Congrats. What are the topics that was bit more confusing with the choices? Also how did you manage with Web Services, JPA and EJB3??

Could you please tell me the topics to concentrate in Web Services?
14 years ago
Congrats for getting much knowledge of EJB3, JPA, JSF & WebService is required?

Any free test available. If yes, please provide me the links.

14 years ago
life of the variable will be that of the bean (for both stateless or stateful). I guess, u need to take care of the state if u are going to use.
a) Head First for 2 weeks and 1 week of sample tests and revision.

I had expn in servlets and JSP. SO didn't had much problem. But lot of tricky q.

a) Q on tags, actions, distributable appln need to be good.
Today i cleared my SCWCD with 86%.

Thanks to Head First Servlets and JSP.
Did u restart the server. Just a guess.
Use RequestDispatcher.include (request, response)
That will be too much. Just need to remember the hierarchy of the Exception classes which normally would be given in any of the SCJP book.
Yes, you need to know. But they generally ask which are commonly used.