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The following qn found in one of the mock exam
what is the output

what is the output?

My view is
its a compiler error
but the ans is "it prints 20"

how it is?

is not a method its a block of code
how the variable i declared with in i is ignored..

tx in adv..
How many threads are started in the code at label is reached

i know that while calling run() method no thread was created.
it is just a method calling

but the ans given is

one thread is started how it is
Hi Corey
I understand the purpose of intern() method and get the result as true.
It creat a new string if it is not exists in a string pool. If exists its refference is returned.

Still i have the problem

look at the following one

it returns true

String str="Hello";

it returns false

How it is??
Hi Shilpi
Kai's notes it self given a good explanation for that one

and many more discussions and sample codes in kai notes(last edited by 2000) contains bugs
dont wory about it