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Recent posts by Ajeet Jose

There is another thread on the same subject.
No one from JavaRanch team seems to reply
Luciano Queiroz,
How did you manage to get a new voucher?.
For me IBM says NO
I have the same problem, but when I contacted IBM, I get the following response

If you have attained a voucher through the following program: http://www-1.ibm.com/certify/news/20031118a.shtml, and have not already scheduled a test appointment using that voucher that you attained, then yes, the voucher does expire on June 30, 2004.
If you have already scheduled your testing appt using the voucher, then you cannot change your testing appt date to after March 31, 2004.
Sorry, but I cannot reissue you new vouchers. It is not true that IBM reiussed new vouchers to solve this problem. We had some vouchers left over from the voucher program so we decided to use those for a different program. But since we could not change the expiration date for just some of these vouchers, we had to change the expiration date for all of the vouchers because they were from the same lot

Could anyone help me what should I do to postpone the exam.
Thanks for the clarification Kyle.
Eventhen, I would miss 'Mastering EJB' third edition without Ed !
(I hope Scott and Tyler will be able to fill the gap.)
20 years ago
That means finding an appartmant/house in the south-east of Bangalore will
help us reach the office more easily :roll:
BTW, what is whitefield ?.
20 years ago
Most of us knew Mastering EJB book. Its author and notable personality Ed Roman has left the J2EE or Enterprise computing industry in favour of video game industry. He is one of the pioneers in EJB and an evangelist.
What do you think?.
+ got a clue that J2EE or enterprise computing saturated?. or outsourced?.
+ time to look for new career?.
[ February 09, 2004: Message edited by: Ajeet Jose ]
20 years ago
I am looking at this map.
Does it cover only the city? or suburbs too?.
How about Regency Layout, Kalkere Village, Ramamurthy Nagar, K.R.Puram.
Are they nice areas to live?.
Where is 'silicon valley of india', IT parks located in this map?
Thanks for the info.
[ February 06, 2004: Message edited by: Ajeet Jose ]
20 years ago

Why are you planning to come to India?

No 1 reason:
To educate my children in India
- (Indian education system is far better than here)
To grow them in Indian culture
- (here the children leave the parants at the age of 17 or 18 and just forget them and thier own brothers, sisters)
- (Indian kids just get lost in the local society, I have seen people braught up here even ashamed of their indian origin. They are neither local nor Indian, they never accepted by locals and they can never live in India)
To rejoin with my family and society
- (I don't want my kids to loose their identity and culturally confused)
No 2 reason:
To get away from racism.
At your home land you are the king even you are average.
At others land they consider you as alien, parasite, untouchable.
In middle east the locals refer asians as 'kalb' which means 'dogs'.
In europe, they are not that bad but still you see racism.
(You won't see it if you visit here or as a single youth doing staying alone for a project for a short time. But you see it if your are a family man and living with kids, and watch your kids how they are treated in their peers)
No 3 reason:
To enjoy in our culture/claimate
(From your posts, it looks like Indian IT companies will not give us any time to enjoy, they just squeeze us)
[ February 05, 2004: Message edited by: Ajeet Jose ]
20 years ago
add that . in the Path then you can call the scripts just by entering its name without the . in front.
export PATH=$PATH:.
To keep the env settings to all threads (shells and sub shells) launched, edit .bashrc or .bash_profile.
eg. edit .bashrc file to add JAVA_HOME
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/tools/java
[ February 05, 2004: Message edited by: Ajeet Jose ]
20 years ago

Trick is to choose right employer.

Could you please list the employers that are not so 'un-human'?.
I have ZERO knowledge about IT employers and their work culture in India.
20 years ago
Guys..I am really scared !!
Looks like in India IT guys just work work work.. no personal life.
Ultimatly missing great part of personal life.
I may be Ok for work horses at the age group 24 - 34.
But for family men like me in late 30s with kids to take care off.. it is just unimaginable !!
20 years ago

long and odd hours

Atleast do you get the full weekend (saturday and sunday)?.
Are you expected to work in weekend too?.
20 years ago

long and odd hours

Is it true for even top CMM level 5 companies or MNCs?
[ February 04, 2004: Message edited by: Ajeet Jose ]
20 years ago