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Recent posts by luo luo

one more question, should I take the current version or the v5 beta one or later? Thanks~

I'm starting to perpare for the SCEA and I have the book "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology" which is published in year 2002. Just wonder if this is the right version?

Thanks, guys. About how to prepare, see the first post, that's all I've been doing in the last two weeks. I read the book for about 2~3 three times, did the final mock exam before the test, got like 80%. The importance of the mock exams is to help you find your weakness and then you know how to spend your time.

For the study note, the author is Liesbeth Jaco, you will find it from the "scbcd link"

good luck!
I have 2 years of web application development. Just cleared web and scbcd. I'd ask how long it takes for the preparation for phase I?

I guess there is only one version, back to around 2003
Have no experience at all. prepared in ess than 3 weeks!


HF book
Jacob's note
Jdiscuss mock exam
EJBCertificat mock exam
Wizlab free tiral exam!

Good luck to everyone.
Yeah, there's this HF for EJB1.3, that's also the reason that I can't make my mind. Anyway, is there any version with the HF EJB book I should use? I searched on amazon, is the one published on Oct 28, 2003 the latest?

Hi folks, I know this is a commonly-asked question, but I am not so sure which one I should I go for. I had no experience with EJB and there's no requirement for current job... for me I have some experience with JSP/Servlets, Spring, Struts... but EJBs 0.

I'd like to learn this technology by taking the exam and not clear about the job market in the next couple of years... javascript: x()
Roll Eyes

Could you give me your two cents on this... Any suggestion is truly appreciated!javascript: x()
Jalal, Congratulations!

Could you confirm that which books you used for the exam? Just the HF book?
I thought that it was for EJB 1.2 not for EJB 1.3? If I am wrong, please correct me.
17 years ago
Dhruvi, based on my experience, it didn't include the testing for SCJP (just some very basic ones as long as you know java language). but you have to pass it first b4 you can go further.
sorry, forgot Marc Green's mock exams. They are good.
cleared it today. I've been a regular visitor to this forum, thank you all for the good resources and tips. I prepared the exam in 2 weeks, the following is what I have covered: HFSJ books (got the final exam 68%), Mikalai Zaikin's note, Servlet API, JSTL Core, PageContext (JspContext) API, Marc Peaboy's design pattern. Free mocks from jDiscussion, Free Demo Exam from Whizlab.

Good luck to whoever is preparing for this exam!
Hello there,

I've got one question about Tomcat restart, I'm wondering if there is a gloable resources thing in tomcat that all the applications can share, like the datasource. And whenever I add a new application, I do not have to restart the Tomcat to deploy it.


17 years ago
ignore my previous post getId() will return the identifier for a thread, which won't change for the life time of thread. You can reuse it after only after the thread is dead.

As per your question. Because the four threads are working on only one instance of the object, there's only one lock for all the threads. suppose the id is a, b, c, d separately. Then the output would have the following pattern:

a b c x1 x2 x3

x will be one of a b c