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Recent posts by Ken Boyd

It is old thread but info might help since I face the same problem i.e. ./ and ./ will not start tomcat and following command shows more than one process running.

Using this command you will kill all the process..

ps xu | grep tomcat | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs kill -9

ps xu | grep <process name> | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs kill -9

Hope this help.
14 years ago
thanks for your reply
15 years ago
I am Java programmer and try to learn Ruby to add something on my resume. I have tried couple of books on Ruby but not getting into grove.. "Ruby in Practice" will help me jump start on Ruby so I can take on Rails quickly.

Thank you
15 years ago
Yeah I know they want Flex expert with lower rates
15 years ago
Yeah Adobe Flex, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript library (YUI, Ext-JS) or jQuery, Dojo will work better and yes LAMP is available many years for CMS.

Java is not going anywhere but growth or new stuff is not happening.

Java guru's like Bruce Eckel or Yakov Fain moving towards RIA platform.

Just my observation and look JavaFX took so long that Sliverlight and Flex now dominate (market share or say company prefer)
15 years ago

Originally posted by Praful Gupta:
Could we use Dojo toolkit with Flex on some UI projects?

I don't think so but author can verify

Originally posted by Glen Cai:

It might be easier to create the new forum earlier than later because of less postings...

[ March 22, 2008: Message edited by: Glen Cai ]

I know creating new forum won't take much time but moderating might be headache. But some forum has little traffic on ranch so it depends on ranch moderators to delete not heavy traffic forum or merge some...

I think Flex, GWT, jQuery, DOJO, Prototype, DWR, Wicket or JBoss Seam are many RIA kind of framework worth discussing or to have one RIA up to ranch..
16 years ago
yeah happy ending received book today by fedex...

Thanks a bunch to David and guys at Prentice publication...
16 years ago

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
As I said, glad to hear it. A discussion is strongest when there are many points of view.

yeah let us stop here before people get bore reading about me and you things rather then cow harm as said on ranch...
16 years ago

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
I believe that Dave is referring to this topic in which you seemed to take great umbrage to the fact that someone (me) had a less stellar opinion of GWT than you did, and in which you said:
Apparently, that was taken to mean that you were done with JavaRanch. Glad to see that you are not -- just try to get less offended when someone has a differing opinion to your own.

no I was not offended but felt others try to attack me instead of technology. In fact on GWT forum I said many cons about GWT.

I am not upset nor hate someone for having difference of opinion. I think it goes towards you as well since you can't take anything against jQuery. I like Flex as well but people say nasty things about technology no problem neither of them develop by me. Just here to make money on something works for client. But someone should not direct to me or I or he or happens on many forum.. anyways I like Javaranch without any doubts..
16 years ago

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
ew, bad vibes
I'll send an email to the publisher to check up, but as I said the initial delay was my fault as I was busy over the Christmas period.

Ken, I thought we weren't talking anymore? I'm confused. Please contact me.


what you mean we are not talking..I am talking no hard feelings if I don't get book.

Thanks for your help.
16 years ago
guess what we will never receive the book..

I think most of the time they come for advertisement but publisher don't send freebies every time..wonder everybody receive book on winner column
16 years ago
yeah do you have anything for struts & AJAX. I think framework is good but people want RIA application compare to simple HTML/CSS (you can have great site with UI designer using HTML but AJAX makes it better)

16 years ago
nice one. You can do the same with GWT but sliding left and right not sure you can do with GWT (haven't library which does) apart from that pretty much everything GWT can do (not sure about video thing). GWT doesn't use any plug-in but your demo seems to use Adobe plug-in..

I was just comparing with GWT. Apart from that I like it. One thing about this RIA apps is you don't have to jump on multiple pages to finish your transaction.

Thanks for posting.
Thanks for the ticket. Here is the link of presentations made by different people..

I was suppose to write something but new project has kill my extra activity (just got sometime to come back on ranch) so please goto above link for more details..

Thanks JavaRanch appreciate.
16 years ago