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since Dec 12, 2003
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Recent posts by kok seong chen

i know that there are a class call pushRegistery in MIDP 2.0 to invoke midlet using either timer or connection.
but wat i wanna do is to invoke manually
midlet1 invoke midlet2 in a same suit. . how can i do that ?
16 years ago
i m developing a remote pc system that able to remote winamp application via mobile phone.
i m using nokia6600 to connect to PC(windows XP platform) attached with MSI bluetooth USB dongle.
so how to establish the client-server via bluetooth serial port ?
16 years ago
my problem solved ...thks anyway .. for anyone who was trying to help..
16 years ago
I m having trouble on compiling of javax.bluetooth
it say that :
location: interface javax.bluetooth.DiscoveryListener
public void servicesDiscovered(int transID, ServiceRecord[] servRecord);
i already complied
i tried to import javax.bluetooth.*; in
help ~
16 years ago
How to implement the L2CAP in J2ME ?
any example ? or ideas?
16 years ago
can you tell me more about spy++ ?
i still cannot figure out what is spy++
By the way, how the server on PC can initially understand(read) the message?
16 years ago
i m just wondering is the Java Bluetooth API is free?? and where can i get it ?
16 years ago
i currently able to call the interface of the other class
by using setcurrent technique
i m now facing problem of passing passing or calling the command action of the another class...
is it possible to do so ? and how ?
16 years ago
i suddently notice something..
i think i need to call the commandAction from list 2
how to do that?
or should is there anyway else to make list 2 function ??
Mr.Michael Yuan ~ help ~
16 years ago
2 list in 2 different class
each of the class is a fullfunction list
so how can i turn list 1 into list 2 ? or should i say how should i call list 2?
for instant
i successfully call the list2 interface, however one of the command did not functioning.
What i did :
List2Title List2 = new List2Title();
//i created a method on list 2 which return list.
//and i call the method in list one.
16 years ago
i wonder how can i create a button(not soft button like ok and cancel)
i wanted to create buttons with graphics. Is that possible in J2ME?
16 years ago
thks michael~
btw i m trying to create some winamp player button on mobile phone.
Do you have any sample source of creating winamp player's button?
16 years ago
sorry michael yuan ~
i don not understand what are u telling
can you please giv me some example?
i still don understand how to call another class
what i know is first declare
private ClassName variable;
second call constructor
variable = new Constructor();
thirdly call function ?
i donno which function to call
plz giv me example ~ or something ~
thks yuan
16 years ago
so how can i link Implicit list's to another form or function?
case 0:
help please ~
thks a lot ,michael yuan
16 years ago