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Recent posts by Dhaval Gandhi

I have cleared my scjp2 with 79%. now i want to learn JDBC thoroughly. Will any body help me and can tell me about the good materials available on net ??? I appciate it...I want to learn it by examples.....
dhaval gandhi.
Hello everybody,
I want to learn database programming in JAVA.. will any one please suggest any good book available in indian market.
dhaval gandhi
Hello Everyone,
Will you please give me some good sites in which I can see demo version of radymade database application developed using JAVA ??
I am willing to develope one database application and want to see some demo version of any database application which is developed using Core-JAVA only.
Dhaval Gandhi (SCJP2)
Dear Adam,
I have established network in which I have novell netware on server and all are dos based machines on client side without hard disk. But first of all I wanted to know whether I can make an application which can run only on DOS based i.e. without use of ODBC, will it be possible ??
I have seen one accounting software which is made using C/C++ and it has only dos based plateform which does not required odbc or something like that. if java is a advaced to C/C++ then why it can not possible in JAVA ?
Hope you can reply of my questions.. ??
Dhaval Gandhi
Dear All,
It is fact that in C/C++ we can make dos based database application and whatever we can do in C/C++ we can do in JAVA as JAVA is a advanced to C/C++.
Is there anyone able to tell me how can we make Dos Based Database Application using JAVA ?? Is any good book(s) for that ? I want to take asscii file(s) to store DATA.
Please Reply,
16 years ago
Dear All,
If I want to make dos based database application using database in ascii format then will it be possible through JDBC ?
Please reply,
I think #1 will print "OK" and #2 will print "Cancel"
Am I right ??
Dear All,
I am beginner of JAVA and wanted to go through SCJP..!!
Can you please tell me what is Mock Exam ?? How can I get It ?
17 years ago
Dear Singh,,
are the RMI and JDBC topics included now in SCJP ??
How can I pass mock exams ??
Please Suggest ...

Originally posted by Kirti Dhingra:
hello everyone,
Today I cleared my SCJP exm with 72%. I lost a lot in file and util packages and also in garbage collection. Anyway thanks to Javaranch and all its contributers.
K Singh

17 years ago

How can I get Mock Exam Test ??

Originally posted by oluwayomi adegoju:
I passed SCJP2 today with a modest 83%. Many thanks to all those who helped to keep this site alive.
I will certainly not go away. I will contribute to help others qualify.
This has certainly become necessary for me because of the intimidation I faced during the exam.
I am based in Nigeria, everyone arround where I took the test were all for Microsoft Certification in one thing or the order. No Java guys arround. I then decided to contribute my own quota to promoting this beautify language in Nigeria. Javaranch will certainly be useful in doing this.
On the exam proper:
Lessons learned
* If you concentrate too much on your weak areas you may loose grip on your strong areas. The point is, if you are weak on io do not over prepare such that you loose grip of lang fundamentals. I think this affected me. I seems to over prepare for threads and io. I scored 100% in this area and scored lower on areas which I was hitherto better.

You can pass
Do no wait too long, once you start getting 78/80% in mock exams go ahead and write. Except you want to show off with 98%. Remember that this is just the begining. For you to do something useful with java you will need other areas outside the scope of the certification (e.g swing, jsp, servelets etc)
Mock exams
Be careful of the bad effects some mock exams may give you. Some are really off the certification style so do not over duell on them. I will rate Marcus green's mock very high. The mock exams in Simon Roberts et al book is also very close to the exam.
Some areas
io. This is not as difficult as many have reported. Just know the constructors. Know the descendant hierachy.
thread. Very trikish. You must write codes and observe them work. It is too easy to miss thread questions since the codes are usually long and this can be intimidating. Practise well.
Yes you can all make it.
My next steps: Likely J2EE using EAServer and PowerJ.
-- Greetings from Nigeria, Africa --

17 years ago

Originally posted by Bosun Bello:
A class can be defined as static only if it's an inner class. i.e. It's defined inside another class. A static nested class can refer to static methods and variables directly.

17 years ago
Please give me some details about EJB...!!
If we define any class with static keyword then what does it mean ?
17 years ago
I think you sould give command like this
>appletviewer Applicant.html
You can make a html file of exisiting Applicant.class file like this :
<applet code="Applicant.class" height=300 width=400>
I hope this will work..
17 years ago
Dear Hello !!!
I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I want to start to learn JAVA, will you please tell me which Institute is Best as I am working in VB right now..
Your reply would be appreciated..
17 years ago