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Recent posts by Gian Franco

Dear Jeanne and Scott,

The certification is an enriching learning experience, but also partly (especially the last days of preparation) effort management.

Do you have a rough prioritisation of the topics covered in this certification. This in order not to spend to much effort on minor topics.
I understood already that functional programming is on the top of the list.

Thank you, best regards,
Good morning Jeanne and Scott, all the best for a happy & healthy new year.

In an attempt to polish an old certification (SCJP5) certifying for SE 8 this year is in my radar ;)

Were does the focus lie nowadays when it comes to this certification?

Thank you, kind regards,
There once was a poster called Tim
his rhymes were so good he would win
many lymerics he posted
and on victory he toasted
you wicked smart fox :-)
have fun in Devoxx!

Well done.
9 years ago
A Java developer from Cowes
struggled with giving his vows.

Pondering his orientation
he wandered lonely around the nation.

"Am I straight am I gay, a prince or a toad?"
was the question he asked, as he walked down the road.

Then he stopped in the middle
and shouted "STOP with this fiddle!"

"I'll say it now or else I'll explode.
I love you! I love you! I love you, my code."
9 years ago
Hi all,

Can you start working with Hadoop in a simple way?

Or do you need a whole infrastructure and experience beforehand?

Thank you,

10 years ago

Arjun Srivastava wrote:You have a question about SCJP and you are asking in SCJA forum. Strange

What's so strange about it?

Just help and show the right forum, like SCJP Forum

Don't forget we all started as Greenhorns



Subodh Ray wrote:...Now my question is, Is it right time to do the exam or I have to wait for
2 Years Experience.

...there is no need to wait for two years experience.

If you have enough time for studying for a certification, you should
go for the exams right away. It is a good experience and a valid
addition to your cv. If you don't have much time, I'd suggest to plan
for an exam in a couple of months and study a bit every day.

JavaRanch was a great help when I had to certify.

Cheers and good luck,


Definitely Kathy Sierra's and Bert Bates' book is a very good one.

If you master that you are fine, but do a lot of mock exams.

Kind regards,

12 years ago
Hi Ganesan,

...thank you...

Regarding my question.

...if I'm not mistaken some authors of books or certification
preparation software are closely involved in the creation of
the official exam itself.

Is EPractize Labs also involved in the creation of the official


Hi Ganesan,

When I was preparing for certification myself
I often found that the actual wording and
structure of questions was an important
factor in getting a good mark or a great

How do you make sure that your questions
closely match those of the official exam?


Hello Budi,

It has thanks!

Kind regards,

12 years ago
Just to clarify...

The question was posed from the author's point of view...
where does one start to write, given the magnitude of
the Java platform...

12 years ago
Dear Budi,

Welcome to JavaRanch!

Where does one start nowadays with a beginner's

What is the focus of your book?


12 years ago

I don't know whether it can be done, but
back to the classics I'd like you to promote...

Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert C. Martin

Kind regards,

12 years ago