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Recent posts by Andre Roodt

Sorry guys, i didn't read the whole thread. I see this issue has been discussed before.

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Andre Roodt wrote:I wasn't sure whether to fix this in the data class or in the code that calls the method in the data class. I eventually decided to fix it in the Data class where I handle the exception for the sake of the exam criteria stating that the data class must not cause deadlocks.

In my opinion that's not the right place to solve the issue! You should simply put the code that calls Data class methods in a try(-catch)-finally and unlock the record in the finally-block. That's correct use of the API (Data class). Making the Data class responsible for this multi-threaded issue is an example of bad design.

Just my 2 cents.

I totally agree with you. I'm just concerned that as an entity on its own, the data class can deadlock if the calling code doesn't handle the exceptions correctly(i.e. unlocking in the catch or finally). Will this then constitute a failure in the eyes of the examiner? I'm just wary. I guess I could explicitly document the method saying the caller of the method should be sure to unlock the record in the event of an exception occurring.
Thanks for this test Roberto, you saved my skin with a careless error on my side. I wasn't unlocking the record when exceptions were being thrown in the Data class causing deadlocks to occur. I wasn't sure whether to fix this in the data class or in the code that calls the method in the data class. I eventually decided to fix it in the Data class where I handle the exception for the sake of the exam criteria stating that the data class must not cause deadlocks.

Anyway, thanks for the effort in providing this test.
I also plan on taking the same course in March. Its half the price of the other courses and only 2 days. Hopefully it will stay on the list of courses till then.
Once i'm done with mine i'd like to upgrade my SCJP to the new Java 7 exam. It covers some interesting topics(compared to the Java 6 exam). Then i'll set my sights on the new JEE 6 exams.
What confuses me about instanceof, is that you can test whether a HashMap object is an instanceof Collection, even though Map and Collection are two separate hierarchies and don't seem to share any interfaces as far as i can tell.

Does the JVM make an exception in this case because it knows that Maps and Collections are both part of the Collections framework?
If you have a Manning account you can get the Portlets and Apache Portals book free from their Sandbox forum. Not sure if its the best though.
17 years ago
In November we started a new project using Websphere Portal 5.x. We all installed WSAD 5.12 with the Portal Toolkit 5.0.22.

I personally have never had a more frustrating and painfully slow experience in any other dev environment than this one. Debugging portal feels like i'm running Windows 2003 on a 386.

My hardware is a P4 Hyper Threading intel, with 2 gigs of Ram. I don't know what more I need to do on the hardware side other than go XEON.

I am interested in your experience using WSAD, especially debugging, and any advice to help speed things up.

PS> I am not bashing IBM or the Websphere product, just relating my current experience. I am otherwise loving this project, just need to sort out the performance issues.
19 years ago
I have also recently started developing for portal server. You best bet is to first download the portal toolkit from IBM and run your portlets from within WSAD. At least this way you can start learning\developing portlets before you get the full blown Portal Server up and running.

What version of WSAD will you be using?
19 years ago
It looks like Amazon no longer stocks John Muchows' book. Does anyone know if its still being published?
The question is on page 53. I am at work now and see that the answer is in fact D in the PDF chapter.
I did the question late last night and I hope I didn't read the answer incorrectly, which is possible. I'll check the hardcopy tonight but I'm sure the answer will be D as well. I probably mixed up the answer for 19 with that for 20.
My hopes of getting a mention in the errata section for the book are fading, along with my shot at fame and glory.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
The K&B book poses the following question in the self test for chapter 1 (quation 20).
Given the following,
1. public class CommandArgsThree {
2. public static void main(String [] args) {
3. String [][] argCopy = new String[2][2];
4. int x;
5. argCopy[0] = args;
6. x = argCopy[0].length;
7. for (int y = 0; y < x; y++) {
8. System.out.print(" " + argCopy[0][y]);
9. }
10. }
11. }
and the command-line invocation,
java CommandArgsThree 1 2 3
what is the result?
A. 0 0
B. 1 2
C. 0 0 0
D. 1 2 3
E. Compilation fails
F. An exception is thrown at runtime
The correct answer is F, because according to the book you shouldn't be able to assign an array with three elements to an array with two elements.
When compiling and running the exact code, I cannot seem to generate any exceptions, regardles of how many command line arguments I use. The command line arguments are output as I entered them.
So in practice it would seem that D is the correct answer.
Any comments would be helpfull.
[ January 12, 2004: Message edited by: Andr� Roodt ]
[ January 12, 2004: Message edited by: Andr� Roodt ]
Where I work certification is totally worthless. Firstly, in order to be considered for a job you have to pass a practical programming test in the language of your choice, even if you have a PHD in computer science.
I personally am pursuing certification because I honestly believe it will make me a better programmer.
Nothing can beat experience, and unfortunately most companies require some form of experience to be considered for a programming job. Even with all my training, it took me almost two years of general support/admin work before I was even allowed to touch a line of code.
It would be great if a certificate was held in high enough esteem to qualify as relevant practical experience. I for one would be in favour of a more practical exam.
Perhaps Sun should scrap the SCJP and make it the first part of the SCJD. This would offer a better reflection of practical experience.

Originally posted by Ranga Sreenivasan:

Congrats on your win!
But its sad to see the Windies lose . Such a great player in Lara and they're not able to capitalize (yet???). I just hope that they get their game back. Can still remember the formidable Windies (Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, Malcolm, Haynes era)...

I understand what you are saying. They are a great bunch of guys and I would much rather have us win against Australia or England than them. They deserve a break and a good run of form.
Its pretty cool to be talking cricket for a change. Most American based forums obviously chat about American sport. Other than their motor racing I don't have much in common to talk about.
20 years ago
I would love that view from my bedroom window. Where I live you wouldn't see the view for burglar bars. In fact, the moose wouldn't make it over the six foot electrified fence.
Despite the fact that I live in wild Africa, I still have to travel a couple of hundred kilometers to see animals in their natural habitat. Well I suppose there is my fat cat spread over the sofa to look at. As for the snow, never seen it for real in my life before. I suppose I could always stick my head in the freazer for a couple of hours.
20 years ago