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At compile time, if there are more than one options to select method to be executed (ofcourse after un/autoboxing), compile time error flag will turn on.
Hi all,
Just passed, wud like to share some my experience:
- The exam is quite tough with many Drag & Drop questions, this kind of question take so much time to do it.
- OO questions is more difficult than SCJP 1.4
- What I did in the exam is that:
+ Leave all Drag & Drop questions util finishing all Mutiple selection questions
- Resources that I refered to:
+ java.boot.by/scjp-tiger
+ finish doing Simulator JQPlus V4.0 (which is for SCJP1.4), even though it has many questions that are not in 5.0 Objectives, but I can gain experience on OO, Flow control, Declaration, Concurrency (3 of 7 Objectives)
+ For all new Objectives like Generic, API, Fundamental (jar file & classpath): I did practice by coding many small programs & check all possible cases I think it would cause error at compile time or Runtime

Thanks MZ for the useful study notes.

Good luck to you!
15 years ago
I Just passed SCBCD this noon with 82%, I'm so happy. The test is so tough. Thank you guys on this forum, as well as Enthure's EJBPlus Beta,INESystem SCBCD software. It helps me so much. I just wanna share:
- I used EJB Plus Beta, INESystem SCBCD software for simulators.
- I read HF EJB twice
- SCBCD user guide
- EJB Matering.
16 years ago
1/ NoSuchEntityException is system exception or Application Exception?
2/ NamingException is system exception or Application Exception?
Please answer ASAP as my exam will be tomorrow
I also wish to have a copy, please give me a chance
16 years ago
I know it' s too late, but just try, please give me a chance.
16 years ago