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Recent posts by Sylvia Fang

My sincere thank you to those who shared their knowledge and experience in this forum.
If you take the time to browse the entire message archieve, you will get a lot of ideas on how to work on Part II, that's what I did. Cade's book has a pretty good sample, the level of detail I had for my assignment was based on that.
I tried to show every possible patterns in my sequence diagrams. I only showed the GUI as one general object because I wanted the diagram to be client neutral. Adding too many interations will clutter the diagram, that's something I've been trying to avoid. I lost 8 points on my component diagram so I really can't give you any good advice.
I checked the web today and found out I passed part II with 92%, does that mean I am SCEA now?
Yes, that's what it usually is. But in the part II assignment they require you to provide only one sequence diagram per use case, which means you have to cover different scenarios within one.
Anybody knows how to create a condition with a sequence diagram? I am using rose to draw my diagram.
Hi everybody,
I am working on part II currently, got a couple of questions, your help is very much appreciated.
First, what level of detail do I need to show on my class diagram? I have over 30 classes (including servlet, ejb, DAO, business delegate, fast lane reader, etc.), do I need to show all of them? If I do that, the diagram will be pretty clumsy and not easy to read. Similiar question for component diagram.
Second, I am using Rose to do the modeling. How can I generate the final result Sun expected? Can I publish the whole model and create the jar file base on that?