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Recent posts by Dmitry Melnik

Arjun: Joining Yoga class is the best way.

I have done that already I like doing yoga, do not like my instructor though. Any opinions on how to choose instructors?
19 years ago
Talking about yoga: What is a good way to start?
19 years ago
I use these cards for calls to Russia. Their "Clear & Clean International Phone Card" in particular.
19 years ago
consider the structure of one single method that somehow has managed to grow to 64 kilobytes in size.
what is it doing, that can't be abstracted into some kind of loop?

I ran into the same problem when my class had no methods at all. It had pretty a large static array of Strings though...

really, it's not so much that "64K should be enough for anybody"; it's more that "programs must be written for
people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute".

Sometimes, Java code is being generated by another program. Are you sure people wanna read it?

i've no idea how i would go about reading, getting my head around, and arriving at some understanding of, a single
method that would likely take up something like 25 printed pages just to get a hardcopy of.

Think about upgrading your brain

i'm not sure i would want to work with a programmer who could;

Sigh... It's a typical cultural clash

such a person might start making assumptions that everyone else can, too.

You too have made quite a few assumptions here, have you not?
19 years ago
How about searching the registry?
19 years ago
Heck, I am even willing to go through JNI to some native DLL -- that the task manager is using.

If so, get familiar with this set of functions. It's a part of Win32 API
[ March 23, 2005: Message edited by: Dmitry Melnik ]
19 years ago
If you did freelancing in US while on H-1B, it would technically violate your status. Otherwise -- no problem, it's your time...
19 years ago
Can anybody please tell me the difference between a web-crawler and a search engine. What I know is web-cralwer is a program that scans some web pages, follows the hyperlinks of the page and creates some index files related to the searched ones. But this is what a search engine too does .

You're right, search engine does it too.

I would tell that a search engine uses a crawler to build indexes. Or perhaps has it's own crawler-component.

The difference is that a search engine as well does many other things, which a crawler does not do. Like maintaining indexes, ranking, accepting search requests, running searches, sending out search results, you know...
19 years ago
And what is passing criteria for the beta?
currently TimeZOne.getAvailableZones() will not get all of them

What makes you think so?

i am getting timeZone as Asia/Colombo

...and what's wrong with that?
[ February 22, 2005: Message edited by: Dmitry Melnik ]
19 years ago
I am just curious: why do you move from svn to cvs?
I would go for a USB flash drive with no knife. Here are few examples

There is no such thing as "too much memory", I belive
[ January 13, 2005: Message edited by: Dmitry Melnik ]
19 years ago