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Recent posts by DeyaEddin Muh

hi all ... congratrulations for all who passed ... for me : I checked the prometric yesterday I found it failed but today it's just returning back to Tested ... and Sun said : Your current status is Enrolled ... guys It was painfule for me yesterday ...I know I did no make well in exam ... but I don't need false alamrms .... can anyone help ?
can anyone confirm to whom do we send this request?
I think I want to try it � no harm of trying new approach
rathi ji , I took the exam on 2-Murch..and I feel the same ...

It was really easy than what I was expecting ...

Same here

This post may not be useful to anybody

I think we deserve to express our release here ....

and I wondered why I get Unix based Questions on CLASSPATH seciotn which I never used (I'm Windows user)...

and if anyone can help how to get 75% discounted voucher please ..

Best Regards,
DeyaEddin Muh

thank you very much ...I will try hardly to contact my center to extend the exam ... I know they are not opening on Sat but I will contact the Center manager at home ...I will give it a try ...
thanks again
The period is too short.... I heard about the exam on 20-Jan ... I registered on 13-Feb ... I think I will fail ...because there is much more topics I need to study or at lease to read about :still just 2 days ...WORK + Collage make it worse
�22 days is not enough for some one how wanted to study all the materials for SCJP 1.4 and new features for 0.5 �
I'm prying that sun will be extending the exam �
Thank you Bert for this explaination ... but you said :

the candidate should know the key methods of a class

how can I know the diffrence between key methods and normal ... what make a method ...

Scheduled on 10 Feb ... wish me lcuk ...
Yesterday I opened the javaranch and found about the SCJP 5.0 BETA Certification � I spend all the night looking for books? Groups? Simulators? �but nothing �
JLS is chewing my brain and It's not recommendable ether �
Any one find anything please share �I will try to share too..
I'm sorry ... I have forgot about policy names stuff...and thank Dirk Schreckmann for remind me...
and thank you aradna...but if (( in the exam )) they but just method with the same name as default constructor ...and this method would have return type ...what is the result ...?? did the compiler think it's method or consructor ??? if I'm going to initialize the class in somewhere ...??

which will compile fine ..??

If the constructors and methods can take the same name ....??
because they are in different Namespacing ..
how cam I make sure that I'm calling the righte one ?? which one is the constructor and which method ...(( constructors can't have retrun type ...but method can))
Are you sure Lukas......??
I have tried it and it is NOT working for me ...

when you write String p = new("bdf"), "bdf" will be placed in
the normal (non string pool memory) and also in the string pool memory. So
we have two strings. The p reference will refer to the "bdf" in the
non string pool memory. Two strings are created because of the new()..

is that means there is TWO objects eligible for Garbage Collector ??
Can you help me with some sites or Articles about this ...Becouse I do't have the Book you refer to ..??

Maybe there aren't Many Muslim JAVA progammers .....
wooooow ....
what about Khalid A. Mughal??
18 years ago
Palestinians started the violence when Sharon visited Temple Mount. While many state that the reason the violence began was simply because he visited don not Know what is the situation in this area ...believe me .SIMPLY is not the word .He went to the Moslem's mosque to pray tell the palestinians this is our Temple NOT You mosque .and the Story of the Tunnel under the Mosque ((the Moslems mosque )) is not nogatioable..Israel wants to distroy the Mosque to Build Jwish Temple...
and the news again lieing : the article you reffer to is not telling the truthe ..I was there and no one one talk about INTIFADA before SHARON's attacke

There have been just as many Palestinians displaced from Jordan (which also used to be Palestine) as Israel (more I believe), so tell me why this isn't a source of outrage?
Do I have the right to exist...or you want me to find another home country on MARS..?
Yet the Palestinians refuse to negotiate in good faith to find a realistic solution to the crisis
When BARAK was on the government ... peace process was completly on the right way ...what ..?? that was not the palestinains who negotiating...??
peace process started on 1991 ..and crisis start on 2001....more than 10 years and palestinians waiting for hope ... please don't make wrong Judgments and say Palestinians refuse to negotiate in good faith
terrorists favor the targetting of civillians
Who said that .... ? NEWS again ? all resistants are targetting the ARMEY ..but no one talk about this attackes..When it happend one wroge attacke .. Palestinans say NO before the Israel....I hope one day you can just come and see in you eyes ... how much was the releationship is good between Israeli people and Palestinians before Mr.Sharon ...

The Palestinian authorities now use his image to recruit and incite other children to violence. And here's a question to ask yourself, if the Israelis were shooting for 43 minutes, who else was shooting?
No ask you self WHERE THAT HAPPEND ..TelAviv's in the middle of GAZA ... What was the Israeli soldiers doing in the middle of GAZA of Beathlahem of NABLUS or JENIN...((JENIN where ...57 people Barred alive and the world was watching ))
Again, don't get me wrong. I don't think anyone will disagree that the Palestinians haven't suffered and that they don't have legitimate greivances. The entire issue, for me anyway, is with their overall goals (the destruction of Israel either outright or via the right of return)

ok... If you think so,why the solution you taking about is near to killing palestinans with diffencing on SHARON policies ,,,
I want to tell you .. I WANT TO GO HOME ? I'm dreaming with my small little house at my village.. Why you have the right to visit any country around the world but for me I don not have right to return home.. thanks to you and people like you how supporting sharon and his government... for that ...I think It will be just dream for a while
18 years ago