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Recent posts by Anand Prabhu

Jhon Lena wrote:Make your career as SAP consultant by joining new social network site
Join for FREE and let's start your SAP Consultant career.

Just curious. Do you have any information on what the success rate is for Non-SAP people wanting to join the SAP arena? I have seen many of my friends trying to switch over and I observed that only a handful managed to get in after a determined effort.
15 years ago

Rajesh Thakare wrote:

Elections are coming in couple of months, hence Indian governments can’t just let Satyam to fall.

It's not just elections. It's more about image of Indian IT industry in international market. Government will try it's best to save Satyam. And I have no doubt that government will save Satyam.

You are right. The Government will do all it can to save Satyam and the 50,000 staff who somehow could find jobs in other companies as many are skilled. Working closely with the local NGOs, I can't but shake my head over this as millions of jobs have been lost in Textiles, Gems, Jewelry, Carpets, Real Estate etc in India. And most of these people are poor villagers who don't have transferable skills beyond their domain.
15 years ago

Rambo Prasad wrote:A message from a unknown Satyam employee

He was cursed badly for putting the money of a public limited company into his family driven company but it only now clear that how he was transferrring the risk from 50,000 people to his two sons & his known-integrity.

Maybe he was contemplating the choice between facing 50,000 angry people and his two sons who were privy to whatever he was doing.
15 years ago

Pankaj Halder wrote:How many these job postings rea real?

It's tough to say. I do not apply to the job postings from Indian outsourcing companies. Five years back, when I was looking for new opportunities, I had applied for some positions. When they found that I had a green card, the channel went cold and things did not proceed further. Also, for some postings, I heard from a colleague who used to work for one of the big outsourcing firms that many of these postings were related to green card or H1 postings to satisfy labor law requirements and the chances of getting a shot for other applicants were next to nothing. So, I save myself time and avoid wasting time applying for phantom job posts. The only way you will have a fair idea about the postings are applying for the above and trying your luck. Honestly, I would love to work for Satyam right now as much as I would love to work at the Detroit Big 3.
15 years ago

I just don't get it.

1) Why do these CEOs think they can get away with beating the system? Do they even think of the consequences they and the people under them face if they are exposed?
2) Even after Enron, why on earth are the Accounting firms unable to expose the fraud? In this case, an effective analysis of the Bank Statements could have brought this to light before this became so big. Or is it possible they were bought off too? The World Bank case is fresh in mind.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Yamini Popu:
Please send me some replies it is very urgent for me.

If I were you, I would post visa (especially specific ones) related queries on immigration related sites. You are much likely to get better response. I am not too much into this arena and so I may be outdated but I think,, would be a good start.
[ December 10, 2008: Message edited by: Anand Prabhu ]
15 years ago

Originally posted by Mohan Karthick:
can any one advice that is it a good time to join US base automobile captive center located at Pune Magarpatta.

Though not heard bad thing about this particular company, but is it a right time ?

Having worked in Detroit and having been closely associated with the auto industry, you are better advised to stay off any US firms where your work is closely related to the US market. The three companies and their related suppliers and vendors are contracting in a big way and it is difficult to know what's going on. If the work is related to the domestic market(Indian), then the situation could be different and you may want to consult local experts on the auto industry.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sri Anand:

really was there a press release regarding this recruitment, i thought even this company was doing lay offs

I don't know whether the company is doing a PR stunt but this news was in the media just a few days ago.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
My previous company has sacked 50+ people in last two days - total

You act surprised or shocked. After the dot com burst(after 2000) and before the offshoring wave, this was the norm in India. I have seen so many layoffs in US for the past 15 years that I see 50+ as a small number(compared to the hiring of 25,000 announced by Infosys this week).
15 years ago

Originally posted by John King:
Eat Rats?

What does this link have to do with the discussion? Does this help the original poster with his decisions on the availability of meat in India and the cultural preferences in India? Or if I were to follow the thread and your cynical questions, can I conclude that you delight in mocking Indian culture and beliefs?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Teguh Roth:
I will have to live and work in India for around 10 months.One of my friend who recently was in Mumbai said it is very difficult for meat eaters to live in India and people look upon meat eaters like they have commited a crime.

He also sent me some links.

Have any non indians worked before in India.?What are the problems you encountered?

Question to Indian vegetarians Why are you guys vegetarians?Any reason behind this?

[ June 17, 2008: Message edited by: Teguh Roth ]

India is a land of extremes and it is not possible to define it singularly. Exiistence of many cultures, religions, cusines, languages is the order of the day. There are some zones(or some buildings in a zone) where the people are fanatically vegetarian. But in general, it is not difficult to get chicken, fish, lamb dishes. In general, Christian and Muslim dominated localities do serve non vegetarian dishes in variety. So do Goan, Bengali or many other Hindu areas where non-vegetarian dishes are freely available. Prominently Jains, some sections of Hindu Brahmins, Gujaratis or some Tamilian Brahmin are very inclined towards vegeterianism and are not comfortable with non-vegetarian dishes in their proximity. So just ask your Indian co-workers and you will get a plethora of choices for non-vegeratian dishes and enjoy!
16 years ago
This article raises serious ethical issues.
Businessweek Outsourcing article
When a law-firm openly discusses manipulation of existing laws to discriminate locals, it makes my hair stand on end. It also raises other questions: how many other law firms are indulging in such unethical manipulations?
17 years ago

I found this a great video and pretty touching. So much contrasts in just a few minutes. Is he getting good coverage in UK? What a relief to watch him instead of Sanjaya and the like.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:

And here I was expecting a thread on the Kama Sutra...

Before I opened the thread, I thought that the thread was either on Kama Sutra, sex life of Indians or sex scenes in Bollywood movies. Damn, what a bummer!!!
17 years ago