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Recent posts by rogel garcia

It is working...

Check the type of g and gs objects in the main function....
You could make a Print Screen of your application..

Then you could create a PDF and embed the image into it..

To create a PDF you can use iText....

I'm not expert in Swing but with the Graphics object of the view I think you can save an image of it...
11 years ago
11 years ago
You need to set an attribute...

A request one will be enought

In action2:

request.setAttribute("result", mylist);

In JSP1:

11 years ago
putting some attributes in the session does not solve the problem??

In Action2:

request.getSession().setAttribute("myvalue", xyz);

In Action1:

Object xyz = request.getSession().getAttribute("myvalue");

11 years ago
Action1 -> JSP1 ... then onclick -> Action2 -> JSP2?? Correct?

And you want that Action1 execute something based on what Action2 has calculated?

Or from Action2 do you want to dispatch to Action1 again?

Like David asked:

What do you mean action 1 should "continue" with values from action 2?

11 years ago
Continue the chain as you would do...

But, use a wrapped response... to save the data to a byte[]... like i said in the other answer...

As David mentioned

Making a web service request from a servlet is no different than doing it any other way.

11 years ago
Check the 'Problems' view... maybe it is a classpath problem....
Is there something wrong with this?

1) jsp 1 calls jsp 2 for some calculation.
2) jsp 2 calls action2 and does all the processing and mapping.findforward("jsp1"), will redirect to jsp1.
3) now, action1 should continue its working with the values returned by action2.

Where action1 is called?
11 years ago
Using the Comparable interface...

11 years ago
You could do Something like that

But I think it is better to change the attributes of the class card to match the enums, ex:
11 years ago
You have Servlet A, from this Servlet A you want to dispatch to Servlet B wich is in the same server? Is that your question?

Maibe you could use this in Servlet A:

You would need to create a fake response that writes the data to some array (ByteArrayOutputStream) or something like that...

But, I suggest to reorganize your architeture because it is not common and probably there are better ways to do that... maybe creating a class with functionality that both ServletA and ServletB could call

11 years ago


HTML Version
15 years ago