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Recent posts by roy joseph

instead of this

<action path="/index"

do this

<forward name="index" path="/jsp/index.jsp"></forward>
14 years ago
what u could do is import the ear file. then add that to the test server.

hope that helps.
15 years ago
hello folks,

I really need help with this problem. Im stumped. I've searched the net still couldnt find a solution to this problem. I sure hope someone here can help me. I would appreciate it very much.

My problem is the character � not displaying in jsp. Something else gets displayed.

My situation is like this. We pick up a list of names from an oracle database and display them using jstl.

We are using struts and jstl by the way. We are using Jboss.

The problem is that some of names that we have in the oracle db has an � or � on them. Now there's no problem picking them up. I've checked the jboss log file and attest that the names are still intact. The � is there.

However, the resulting jsp page shows a different weird character. Looks like a diamond with a question mark that appears instead of �.

Stuff I've tried.
1. Added this on the jsp page.
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

no go.

2. Added this on top of the jsp page.
<fmt:requestEncoding value="UTF-8" />

no go.

Any ideas. I have a weird feeling there's an easy solution to this I just haven't found it yet.

Please help me. This is really urgent.
15 years ago
dont you think there're too many java frameworks to choose from?

struts and webwork and many others
15 years ago
the validwhen is the one that's where im having issues with. the mask is ok. If i remove validwhen then mask is called and everything works.

What i want is that the studentNo and lastName are dependent on the the string value of searchBy.

15 years ago
what's wrong with this code? it wont validate!?

15 years ago
my linux distro dont have rpm support. so how do i go about installing using the other sdk?
ive searched the forum and the threads concerning java installation is so old and i doubt they work now.
16 years ago
how do you install java in linux? tried to find tutorials but they were pretty vague.
cant someone give a stepbystep on how to install it?
16 years ago
im was going to download the java sdk but stumbled to another brick wall.
what's an RPM file?
there are two java sdk downloads to choose from, which one should i download?
RPM in self-extracting file (j2sdk-1_4_2_04-linux-i586-rpm.bin, 32.77 MB)
self-extracting file (j2sdk-1_4_2_04-linux-i586.bin, 34.17 MB)

what other configurations should i make? like in windows you need to change the path and classpath.

i will be using Slax.
16 years ago
Morphix looks great however....
you have to choose which morphix you want. its bad enough to choose which linux to choose???
1. can you suggest which morphix version i should use for learning java in linux?
2. does it come with java sdk? or do i need to download it too?
3. will i be able to save my files to my hardisk?
4. if i dont need to create a linux partition then how will be able to save files?
5. im gonna install it on my compaq laptop, is this wise?
6. what about tomcat and eclipse? will there be issues when using them?
7. recommended books?

I am a complete newbie. all i know is 'ls' is equal to dir in dos. I could really use some handholding here. all i really want is just install linux as painlessly as possible and then do some java stuff on it.
16 years ago
forgetting to include "." in your classpath can cause head-aches. one way to see if java installed properly is to run a class and explicitly stating its class path.
your class is here:
so run it like this:
java -cp c:\java\ hello
even if you are inside the directory where your class is present, without explicitly specifying the classpath you would get an error.
if you havent change your classpath to include the ".". doing this wont work.
c:\java\java hello
16 years ago
if you are using windows98 then spaces should be removed. i used w2000 and xp and spaces were no problem.

I'm willing to bet you have a space in the path under which you've installed Tomcat.
c:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache Tomcat 4.1.27 perhaps ?

CATALINA_HOME doesn't like spaces at all, so try one of these:
1) re-install in a path with no spaces
2) modify your startup.bat script to enclose the path in " " quotes.
[ February 25, 2004: Message edited by: Mike Curwen ]
16 years ago
the problem with jsp is that there aren't that many free host out there where you can try your jsp in the real 'internet' world. mycgiserver is the only one i know that's free. this could be one reason you dont see many jsp websites out there.
with jsp you are practically stuck with testing your site within your home computer and if your lucky your own intranet.
compare this with asp and php, there are numerous free webhosts for them.
right now im testing my tomcat webserver but my problem is my dsl supports dynamic ips. however i tested it and it seems to be working and can be accessed from the internet but problems arise when i disconnect and reconnect to my isp. i get a new ip .
16 years ago
bubble sort would do the trick.
16 years ago