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Recent posts by Kay Liew

I used Kathy and Bert for 1.4. Plain and easy to understand. Kahlid's will be a little difficult if you are new to Java.
No different. You can put anything you want and still expecting random difficulty questions. If you really want to know for sure, take the test twice by giving the same answers during the survey.

Thanks for the response. I do not need this exam but sincerely in wanting to contribute to the beta exam. I guess I am not interested on it anymore as I have lost the excitement of taking this exam after waiting for awhile with no response from the survey.

18 years ago
Sent couple emails to a person who coordinated this exam and requested to partcipate. Participated the survey waited couple months then didn't visit Java Ranch for awhile and here .. registration closed. Shouldn't I get a notification when the registration begins through email ?
18 years ago
53% on Marcus Green probably a little too low. Getting comfortable with KB may not be a good indication of the readiness to take the real exam. However, if you are comfortable with KB's mock exam 1 and 2 and scoring around 80% for both of them then i guess you are good. Marcus Green 1,2,3 exams are good exams but I felt like the real one are harder on inner class and thread topics. For inner class I suggest you to take on Dan's and thread topic you should concetrate on KB's if you do not have that much time.

good luck..
Doing those tests in that hurry will not do any good. If I am getting those scores I might delay the real exam couple weeks later or even a month. However, if you have $150 to spare then go for it. Though the choice is yours And I think you have a chance to pass just not secure enough.
Good to know and very unique company policy
18 years ago
Get a linux install into your low end computer (cheap one). You have to use in order to learn, CBT usually just fly by and 1 week later you wouldn't remember most of the stuffs. After you setup the linux, you tend to install a lot of fun stuffs and from there you learn how to tar, zip, changing scripts, VI, setting environment getting new cool applications and to use L/Unix you have to get your hand dirty to find, research and apply. Just do a search on google of the stuffs you wanted to do, there are a vast L/Unix supports out there. Later, you might be thinking setting up web server, samba etc.
18 years ago
Congrat Nick ..

Just curious .. do you take cert for living ? You keep referring to counterparts .. are you in a cert racing bets ..really curious ..

But again ... congrat
18 years ago
Java cram 2 is lightweigth and as the title says "cram". I used it for sparkling my memory. It's an easy bathroom reference book I do spotted a similar thread question match (not directly) with the real exam. But only one.
Now if you achieve 10 certifications, they create 10 more. It will force everyone to get AT LEAST the first cert, or be doomed. All for the $$$.

The statement above only applicable for Nick Nick takes anything. .. As for me, as if SCJA not free I probably wouldn't take it. So, if SUN create a Sun Certified Java Newbie (something lower than SCJA) .. i would not pay to take it but yet it attracts new comers which is fine with me. The more people and companies adopting java the better for me. It has no impact on my existing scjp title as long as they don't name it the same SCJP. SCJP still maintain its value. If a recruiter couldn't tells the different then I probably ended up in a company that I don't want to be.

I don't think SUN will create any java cert that is lower than SCJA unless they have a very distinctive topics to test on. If they do, I will participate as a beta tester

By the way, i think OCA 10G is simpler than OCA9i. OCA 10G tends to follow ICDBA 700 format. Testing on install, implement and basic admin whicle OCA9i test on specific SQL statements which I think doesn't make sense. How often does a DBA sitting in his/her cubicle writting sql statements? SQL statements were meants to be implemented on application level. ...just a musing .. you can ignore me on this one :roll:
[ May 05, 2005: Message edited by: Kay Liew ]

Originally posted by Rafael Pereira:
I am not questioning if this SCJA exam is useful or not, but...

What is the purpose of doing it, if you are already a SCJP?

I think it's like walking backwards... Or achieving a bachelor degree after a PHD. You know what I mean...

First statement and second one kinda contradicted.

The fact that this exam is not designed for SCJPers which has been addressed for awhile. If I interpreted Kates's statement correctly, SCJPers are not recommended for this exam. Please give some chance for others who want to achieve lower lever certification and if they like they can pursue SCJP and even higher. The title clearly marked SCJA (associate) so I don't think it jeopardize existing SCJP title and no harm for SCJPers of not taking it. Just like other professional certs, they have associate levels which gives a newcomers a feel of what's that technology about. They are a lot of long time programmers who do not know anything about java like C and Cobol programmers or fresh colledge grads.

Who says PhD er can't do Bachelor degree ? I used to have a classmate who is professor for long time and doing master degree just to see how the new way of teachning and how students learn. I have other great people as classmates as well like CEO of an International company etc. I

and .. KB can sell more books too.
.. sun get most popular .. niches in the market .. stock flourish ..
people are happy .. yada yada ..
Everyone has his/her own purpose and strength. If you spend about 2 hours a day for 3 months. I am sure that you will see the different 3 months from now. Read the KB cover to cover, do the exercise and write/copy/modify/test the codes.

good luck

Exam is something for yourself. Take your time and learn them right. Any good of just passing it and not learn much out of it?

... just thought of this and it's funny .. how about have your boss to take the exam him/herself? ..no offence .. i thought it is funny ..

If i read your original post correctly, you have studied only 2 weeks. Unless you have tons of java experience else I don't think you should be taking the exam that soon.

best of luck.