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Recent posts by Sujit Kurtadikar

I am using java 1.2.2. and jaxp 1.1
and trying to run the demo program came iwth
program compiles properly but give following runtime error
PATH and CLASSPATH set properly.

C:\jdk1.2.2\jaxp-1.1\examples\SimpleTransform>java SimpleTransform
A nonfatal internal JIT (3.10.107(x)) error 'Relocation error: NULL relocation
target' has occurred in :
'org/apache/crimson/parser/Parser2.maybeComment (Z)Z': Interpreting method.
Please report this error in detail to

I have reported this to also.
will somebody give soluation for this problem.

Dear Leena,
The reason is that, Java uses UNICODE for representing charachters internally, but uses UTF for IO.
UTF means UCS Transformation format
and UCS menas Universal charachter system.
UTF uses 1 or 2 or 3 bytes to represent charachter in IO
and all ASCII char's requires 1 byte only.
Thats why answer is 4 bytes.

I am new to XML. Can anyone tell how to start with XML.
and where I can get good XML FAQ.
I also want to knwo how XML is related to Java, what I heard is XML is vendor independant like HTML.

Dear friends,
I had given SCJP2 exam on 9th June, got 96%.
When I finished my exam, I was expecting result 85 - 88 %. But when lady there processed the result and taking printout, initially I thought I will not ask result till she don't give me printout, but I couldn't wait, I asked that lady, what's the result, she coolly said, 96%, I was shocked, said CAN'T BELIEVE. It is very happy and satisfying moment for me, which I want to share with you.
Out of 59 I got 57 correct, lose 1 in Threads and 1 in Flow Control & Exceptions.
I am very much thankful to JavaRanch, Moderators, participant of discussion forum. I must tell that, I could get such good score due to JavaRanch only. The discussion here gave me good information and tricks of exam. And most important is that JavaRanch helped me lot in keeping my motto for exam.
Initial 5-10 questions were easy. So I was feeling comfortable. Then I got some tricky questions on Flow control, language Fundamentals. In total I got 60-70% questions as single answer, and rest as multiple choice questions. And one question was fill-in-answer type.
During my practice of mock exams, It was my experience that, once I finished test, I was reluctant to review the answers, and If I do review, I couldn't catch the wrong answer, because I used to think on same line.
Thats why I had given more time for solving test. I finished 95 mins, and I got 25 mins for review. I had marked 15-18 questions. I had coolly revised those, and I found 4-5 answers were wrong, I changed those.
Initial I used Robert, Hieler's book (RHE), then I used Moughal Khalid's book. I found these both books very helpful. I also used Velmurugan's notes, which helped me lot in last day preparation and revision.
Believe me, SCJP2 exam is not that hard which I used to think.
Once again thanks to JavaRanch and participants.
(Sun Certified Java Programmer)
23 years ago
Dear friends,
After 4-5 months of practice, I am taking Exam on 9th June.
Now only 2 days are remaining. I am quite confidant but somewhat tense. I am getting various mock exam score in the range of 85 - 90%
Lets see what happens.
I will let you you know about result.

23 years ago
I agree with Sona and Others who says 3 objects will be eligible for GC.
d = c = b = a;
After this, reference count of Object, orignally refered by Object reference a, will be 4. and other 3 will be eligible for GC.
and,d= null; will only reduce the reference count of Only remaining object by 1, and new reference count will be 3.
Reason for this is also same as for while loop.
int p = 3;
compiler is unable to determine the scope of variable p.
if(i==3); This prefectly OK, since it has empty statement.
int p;
if(i==3) p = 4; This is also prefectly OK
I am from Pune and appearing for SCJP in 1st or 2nd week of June.
Anybody from pune also appearing.
System.out.println("Result = "+o1 == o2)); // Prints False
Object o1 = new Object();
Object o2 = o1;
System.out.println(o1 == o2); // Prints True
System.out.println("Result = "+o1 == o2); //prints false
It is similar to,
String s1 = "Result = "+o1.toString();
System.out.println(s1 == o2);
Correct me if I am wrong.
It is obvious thing which can be make out from code,
can I confirm it from API,
Refering to Object Ref casting rules given in RHE fig 4.10 page 121.

Looking for explaination on these points.
Thanks in advance.

[This message has been edited by Sujit Kurtadikar (edited May 29, 2001).]
Dear Hima,
Hearty Congratulations !!
You have great achievement.
23 years ago
Given :
Object x[] = new Object[10];
Serializable q1 = x; // 1 OK
Cloneable q2 = x; // 2 OK
How this code compiles without problem.
Dear Ravindra & Mikael,
Thanks for reply, Its clear to me now.
Hi Ravindra,
I got something, but still some doubt;

Refering to your reply to same question earlier.
i = 0;
i = i++; //1
i = i++; //2
You said, since it is post increment operator, first 0 will be asigned to i at line 1, and don't it perform ++ operation.
If so, after end of line 1, value of i should be 1.
Whether ++ does get executed or not ?