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Recent posts by GIRISH L

hi cindy,
Thanks a lot for the site address
I am sorry for the delay in changing my name and i will be doing it immedietly
thankin u girish
17 years ago
i am currently doing a RDBMS project with oracle as backend and java as front end! my project requires that i generate reports for queries! my doubt is whether there exists any methods or classes in java.sql.* or any other package thro which i can get the reports!
thanking u in advance!
girish lingappa
17 years ago
but what i meant by disabling max button is : it should not be highlighted i.e user should not modify the size of frame!
minimising is nothing but iconifying it;
please suggest me methods so that maximise button is not highlighted!
thanks in advance!
bye giri!
17 years ago
thanks for the reply,
but if i do that even the minimize button will be disabled
thank u
17 years ago
hello friends,
this is my first postin and i want to know if there is any means of disabling the maximize button in a frame or jframe
it would be very helpfull if someone can help me out in this
thank u all and bye
17 years ago

Originally posted by P Priya:
i'm a bit confused with a lot of questions.can anyone one help me out.
what is the difference between an interface and an abstract class.
and why is an interface used in the first place?
and what does this implementation mean actually.please explain.
can we implement more than one interface ,if so howmany?
Thankx in advance

in an interface all the methods are abstract where as an abstract
class may or may not have an abstract method
since java doesnt have multiple inheritance as in c++
interfaces are provided and they have to be implemented remember not extended
any number of interfaces can be implemented
hope this helps and is right
17 years ago