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Recent posts by Yanick Labelle

Cool! Thanks, I hope I will have my result soon, but it's summer and everyone has the right to be on vacation, the prometric examiners too!
Hi, I've reveived a response from prometic. They say that my jar file/essay exam was sent to an examiner on august 2. And that I should have my results 2-4 weeks from that date.

He also says that the examiner will put my result on www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment when he has a result. Then, after that, the result will appear on www.certmanager.net/sun.

Did you guys had your result on sun_assignment first, or the other?

And if it is sun_assignment, was your result shown on the test history screen, or you had to click the assignment button at the bottom to see it? I see my scjp score on the test history screen...
Hi everyone, I have a question about the certification history at this website:

Since I've submited my project a month ago, I'm starting to be a bit nervous about it...

When you submit your jar file and pass the essay exam, do you have a trace of that in you history or you have only one entry when you have the final result?
Because I don't have anything other than address changes and the scjp events... I'm starting to think that they don't have my essay exam and/or jar and that they won't do anything until they get both...
Hi, I've done the essay exam... It was wat I expected. Except for 1 question for which they asked me to say what I did in a certain situation and what are the advantages and disadvantages of my choice. The fact is: I've done that because this is how I learned it and I don't know any other way of doing it. I managed to write some advantages and disadvantages... but not much, at least, compared to the other questions. I hope it will be enough.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me with this certification in the last several month... This is a great place where a lot of knowledge (and wisdom) can be found.

Now, I will wait for my result. For that I have a question, where do they display the result? This one:
or this one, the place where we download/upload the assignment.

I can't logon to the first one, but the second one works. They say that my prometric testing ID exists, but wrong password. I tought that both websites had the same users/passowrds.

Note: At the second link, where you upload/download, they also show the results of my SCJP exam.
Thank you for the response, at this points, I have a tendency to panic very easily... I just wanted to be sure about it... Not that I can do something about it now, I have already submitted my jar file!
Are you sure that they are gonna ask questions about design patterns, because I used the MVC pattern, but I don't specify it in my choices document, at least, not directly... I say that I have a controller that makes the bridge between the user window and the backend of the application and that when a user does an operation that returns data, a TableModel is returned (which is the format used by the JTable, but I don't mention the words MVC... I hope it will do.

Also, I use a kind of adapter. It allows the application programmer to call the business methods on the adapter instead of calling operations directly on the Data objet. In fact, the DataAdapter encapsulates the Data object. I hope
it is an Adapter pattern, because it takes an interface and transforms it in another interface, but it could also be a facade... if you concider that the Data class is a complex subsystem... I did not specify that I use the Adapter pattern in the choices documents, in fact, I don't talk about patterns at all.

What do you think?
Damn! I shouldn't panic like that... I've also read The sun certified java developer exam book... It has very good explanations on RMI and sockets... And, this is exactly one of the main advantages of RMI... You don't have to know its inner workings to use it. You only have to know how to use it. And I know how to use it, it is quite simple. The example from the book was also easy to understand. Anyway... we will see tomorow, I just wish I will be able to sleep tonight!
Thank you very much! I'm quite nervous right now, I'm passing the essay exam tomorow at 10h45...

Do you know if the essay exam asks for really technical questions about (for example) RMI or the mvc patern...? Because I don't know much about RMI, I found an example on sun's web site and applyed the concept on my project, other than that, I don't have much technical knowledge about RMI. This, and other things like that are making me nervous!
Hey! I'm back from my jogging and guess what, they responded, I can upload my exam!
Hi, I'm trying to upload my jar file, and, like everyone else, it seems, I don't have access. I've sent an e-mail to the adress mentionned on the web site. Do any of you know if they will unlock it in the weekend or I will have to wait until monday?
Ok, thanks for your responses, all of the spelling mistakes are already corrected and I will keep the notice in the choices.txt file (see first post).

Sorry but I'm kind of in a state of panic about this certification right now.

I will try to remember that Controller is written "Controller", not "Controler"! Stupid mistake... My class had that name (with one 'l') until I used open office to check spelling!
Or a certain president calling a certain dictator a terrorist...Oups...
Hi, and thanks for the response!

My main concern was, what will they do if I've got spelling mistakes in my essay exam and not in the project. And at the same time, will I loose points
for the documentation and general conciderations if I leave the spelling mistakes? (probably). This is why I wrote that text. Should I leave it there or remove it? What do you think?
Here is a text from the instructions.html document:

"Your choice of RMI or serialized objects will not affect your grade, but no other approach is acceptable. In either case, the program must allow the user to specify the location of the database, and it must also accept an indication that a local database is to be used, in which case, the networking must be bypassed entirely. No authentication is required for database access."

I just wanted to be sure... Here is what my application do:

A standalone client which is started with java -jar runme.jar alone...
The standalone client asks for the path/name of the data file on the
local computer and starts the application.

A network client which is started with java -jar runme.jar...
The network client asks for the IP or host name of the server and the port... (no local file here)

what is this thing about "it must also accept an indication that a local database is to be used". Am I supposed to also ask for a local database in
network mode? Or provide a choice in the user interface for the local or
network mode, because it is strictly controled by the startup argument

Any advice?
Hi, I have finished the project and I am almost ready to submit it.

I would like you to read the following text and give me your advice:

General considerations

-English language: English is not my main language, in all of the project I have
made all I could to be as clear as possible. I used a spell checking software on the
javadoc, user guide and choices documents to correct the spelling errors. I did
that because it is what I would do in a real project. It is unprofessional
to have project documents with spelling errors. But even with that, there may
be a sentence or two that sounds a bit strange. In a real project I would also
ask the opinion of an english speaker, or use a grammar checking software to
transform some of my sentences. I did not do that for this certification. The
main reasons are: I consider it as work I did not do myself and it is not
permitted, and, at the essay exam, I will not have a grammar checking software
or an english speaker beside me. The main goal of the essay exam is to verify
if it was really me who did the job, by comparing what I said in these documents
with what I said in the exam. If what I say in the essay exam is so much different
from what I said in these documents, because I changed everything by using
external help, I might be accused of stealing someone else's certification
and try to pass the exam.

What I would like to know is: is it right to put it in there, am I allowed
to use a spell checking software (open office), and any other feelings...