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Rick Umali

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since Dec 31, 2003
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Python VI Editor Linux
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Husband and father.
High-tech worker.
Author of "Learn Git in a Month of Lunches" (Manning Publications).
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Greater Boston, MA
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Recent posts by Rick Umali

Welcome Raju! Have fun with this promotion!
Congrats on the book, and have a great promotion Dane!
4 years ago
Hello Peggy, I hope you have a good promotion for your book!
5 years ago
Hello Ben! I hope your book does well. Regular expressions are everywhere, and a valuable and indispensable tool for anyone working in computers.
5 years ago
Welcome Josh!
6 years ago
Hi Bryson, Good luck with the book promotion! I'm a big fan of beginner books.
6 years ago
Welcome to the forums, William!
7 years ago
Hello Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev. I have enjoyed reading your book while it was in MEAP!

Enjoy your time on the forums!
Welcome Jonathan, and Good Luck with the book promotion!
7 years ago
I like the snappy dialogue and funny names throughout your book (I downloaded the sample from NoStarch)! I like the hard-boiled style. What crime/detective novels inspired you when writing the book. Thank you!
7 years ago
Congratulations on the book, Mr. Kubica! I skimmed the first few pages, and it seems quite engaging!
7 years ago
Hi Andreas and Michael! Welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy promoting the book here!
8 years ago
Thank you, Henry, and thank you to everyone who contributed to the threads. I enjoyed being here! Thank you again!
My only opinion is that git pull --rebase would probably be "more advanced" for the first time user of Git. In the book, I emphasize that git pull is really git fetch + git merge. With the --rebase switch, git pull uses git rebase, instead of git merge, which sort of brings us back to the top of our thread (rebase v. merge)!