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The question is not about the lock() unlock() methods rather about the context when you access the file itself. I mean that when thread A accesses
a part of the file (e.g.for record 1 - from position 256-316) can other threads access the file to manupulate on other records located on other positions?
the synchronization, wait and notify is quite clear to mean...

Thanks, dora
the question in a simpler way...

do you have


Hello everyone,
I am almost ready with the application, but this is the 6th time I am implementing the Data class....

Suppose the thread A is reading/updating record 1. Can other threads read/update record 2 at the same time?

I dont want to keep the whole database in the memory so I decided to have a primary index table (Map: key is recNum, value is position in the file).

When reading/updating/deleting a record I get the position out of the primary index table and read/update/delete from the file with a RandomAccessFile.

May I synchronize on the position or simply on the primary index table? I

Waiting for any help,
Hi all,

how could it happen that a .properties file was missing? I suppose You had put it in. Did they remove it?

I have two .properties files:

The first one stores the last used ip and port..
The second one provides a flexible extending of the system with new db files...

Is it forbidden to have any other .properties files than

Hi Guys,

I am almost ready with the application but I still have some questions about the spec (UrlyBird 1.3.3), especially about the checked exceptions defined in the DBMain class.

When to throw a RecordNotFoundException in the

method? When there is no record in the database which matches the criteria? Why don't we simly return an empty array then?

The other question of mine is quite similar:

In my data access system it never happens that a key / record number gets duplicated.

The reason why it makes me worried is that this misunderstanding might result in an automatic failure (their unit test may fail if the expected exception is not thrown).

Thanks in advance,

I think I will put a radiobutton group on the GUI: only for today and tomorrow /all rooms.

(I still think that it is a bad design to fetch the whole database and keep it in the memory)

If the user selects all rooms I will disable the rooms out of the interval and having an owner.

Thanks again,
Hi lads,

Could sy tell me what rooms to display on the GUI? Only the ones for today and tomorrow? Or to display every room in the database and disable the ones out of the given interval?

Spec says about the GUI:
"It must allow the user to search the data for all records, or for records where the name and/or location fields exactly match values specified by the user. "

An other restriction:
"They take bookings only within 48 hours of the start of room occupancy."

From a technical point of view it would be more sensible (network load) to get the rooms only for the given interval from the RMI server instead of transferring the total database:
The interface of my server contains the following method signature :

On the other hand if I implement it this way (displaying the available rooms only) - only one or two database entries (if any) will be shown on the GUI, depending on the system time on the desktop.

Which way is preferable?

Thanks a lot in advance:
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Hi Andrew,
thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. Are there similiar pages for the other exams as well?
I think that would be really helpful if this page were advertised a little more for the members of the forum. Frequently maintainance would also be a good deal.

(That page will be updated real soon now if that bartender from Australia stays away from the beach long enough - but today is supposed to be about 30 degrees, so don't expect it today )

I am really worried about that bartender will get sunburnt on the beach. (Do not think that I am envy. not at all. It is -2 degrees here in Hungary.)
[ January 10, 2004: Message edited by: Dora Gal ]
Hi Andrew,
I will try to change it somehow.
I would not use log4j (during the dev.) unless I found a smart GUI browser of the config files provided by 1.4 logging FW.
Have you ever seen sg. like logFactor5 or Chainsaw for the logging FW?
[ January 09, 2004: Message edited by: Dora Gal ]
Hi Andrew,
You are right, I was not exact, I modify the summary above..
Do you know any other books that can help with the exam? (Of course I don't want to make a list about all the J2EE books available, but the ones which are really helpful could be put into the list. E.g. Design Patterns by Eric Gamma...)
Sorry for asking so many times for your help, but I could see that you are an active member experienced at sun certs. Your fault!
I have been using log4j for a long time, both with file appenders and both with console appenders. Logfactor5 is a really great frontend that provides a great and convenient way to browse the logs.
After using it for 5 days you get addicted to it. You can easily filter which sources you want to see the logs from, which levels are you interested in - and logging becomes right much more friendly.
I do know that log4J cannot be used on the exams provided by the sun , and I really like the logging concept introduced in 1.4, but I haven't seen a similar GUI frontend which could fascilitate the browsing of the logs.
I use Ant, JUnit and I am currently using log4j because it helps me a lot - much faster than debugging. I forward the logging to a file, because after running the daily build which includes the JUnit tests I can see the conversation of my classes in a developer friendly, filterable GUI(lf5).

Later on I will change the import statements to use the Logger included in 1.4. If I can found any smart frontend for 1.4 (I am sure that it is already being developed) then I switch immeditely to sun's solution and I will change the configuration file for the logging, too.

Ignoring logging means to turn off the laudspeaker of your application. It is a significant part of the socalled Safe Programming.

Best wishes,
Why does this mail gets so wide? I made it the same way as usual..
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[ January 08, 2004: Message edited by: Dora Gal ]
[ January 09, 2004: Message edited by: Dora Gal ]
Hi Andrew,
what is the advantage of knowing the airline industy?
(I am working for Lufthansa Systems, I am currently working on a checkin system, but I cannot understand how it would influence the exam.)
Do you mean that the assignment contains specific terms that belongs to the airline industry? Or you just wanted to refer to the practice gained by working on a big project?
Thanks, regards,
Hi all,
the reason why I created a new topic, is to gather the general information about the preparing for the SCEA exam for the newcomers, as myself
I would encourage you to modify/extend this message so that someone who needs only the summary of this topic does not need to browse through each mail.

  • how much time it is needed to get prepared for each part

  • a.) I heard of one person with those skills (plus knowledge of the airline industry) who completed the assignment in two weeks. Most people take considerably longer.
    - UML, requirement analysis, design patterns should be learnt first (Andrew Monkhouse)
  • how complex the second part of the exam is

  • a.) put your brief opinion here including your name
  • what are the books that are really helpful for the exam

  • a.) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts
    b.) Mastering Enterprise Beans" by Ed Roman
    c.) Enterprise Java Beans by Richard Monson - 4th edition, last 4 chapters outstanding
    1st Edition - EJB 1.0
    2nd Edition - EJB 1.1 & 1.0 <--- Out of print
    3rd Edition - EJB 2.0 <--- Currently at the bookstores
    4th Edition - EJB 2.0 & 2.1 <--- Beta at theserverside. Download!
    d.) Design Patterns by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
    e.) you can write your recommendation here
  • where can we find free and commercial tests

  • a.) Javaranch mails: Does it worth buying Whizlabs Mocks?b.) you might put a link here
  • UML tools

  • a.) Javaranch Mails about argouml b.) EclipseUML

    Before submitting this topic I have already contacted Andrew and some others in a private way, and he advised to share our conversation with the other forum members.
    Sorry if this new topic overlaps some questions from other topics.
    Best wishes,
    Hi Andrew,
    Could you please tell me how complicated the second part of the scea is and how much time do people usually spend on it?
    Thanks a lot in advance,
    Hi Dora,
    This question should reallt be raised in the forum - that is what the forum is there for. Plus you will get several people's opinion - not just mine.
    If you are already an architect - that is, you currently take users basic requirement concepts and develop technical requirements and build UML diagrams for the proposed solutions - then you will find this assignment very easy. I heard of one person with those skills (plus knowledge of the airline industry) who completed the assignment in two weeks.
    Most people take considerably longer. I would hazard a guess that someone who is only just starting their career as an architect, and who doesnt know the airline industry could probably complete the assignment in two months full time.
    If you also have to learn how to create UML diagrams and how to go from one diagram to another, and how to translate vague user requirements into UML diagrams, then it could take longer.
    Regards, Andrew

    [ January 09, 2004: Message edited by: Dora Gal ]
    Hello Ken,
    Have you ever seen any convenient GUI frontend for the logging framework introduced in 1.4? I am looking for something like logFactor5 for log4j.
    I would also like to ask you about the exact title of the book that is usually referred to as Max's book?
    Thanks a lot in advance,