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Kui Zhang

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since Jan 08, 2004
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Recent posts by Kui Zhang

Hi Howard
What is the difference between your book and redbook from IBM?
Dear author of Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere, 2nd Ed
I consider myself a begin-intermediate Java programmer. I started to learn EJB on my own. But I found I progress very slowly. Probably, I do noth have real project to embark upon. Progrmming that conforms to the EJB specification is one thing. Writing DD for the specific application is another. The latter is particularly uneasy.
I also read one of the websphere redbook. It is mainly on IBM's products. I am quite a Java/Oracle guy. Does you book support users like me?
Another particular concern is how well-versed shall I be with design patterns. Design patterns are an art in the first place. But it is too flexible. Knowing when and where to use which pattern(s) turns out to be very hard. Using right patterns with EJB is perhaps even harder. What is the right way to learn EJB and apply it? Your experience is certainly an asset to me.
Is your(Kyle) book suitable for non-IBM guy? However, I still like to join the draw and hopefully get the luck.
Finally, thanks very much for your hard work on this book.
16 years ago