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Recent posts by Benedict Chng

I'm unable to get EJB 2.1 CMP entity-bean optimistic concurrent-update detection to work. I tried 2 approaches:

1) Modified the access-intent to wsOptimisticUpdate. In the mapping editor, specified a mapped-column as the predicate for optimistic-access intent. This column is a simple, non-nullable integer counter.
2) Modified the access-intent to wsOptimisticUpdate. In the mapping editor, set the Column for Collision Detection in the Beans to Table Strategy properties section to a column which is not mapped.

In the 2 cases above, I used Rational IDE's generated data-access beans to get all the data from the entity-bean and pass it to the presentation layer. The same bean is passed back to the persistence layer with some properties modified.

I have 2 computers reading the same record at the same time and updating it one after the other. I expected Websphere to detect the concurrent modification but that never happen and no exception is thrown.

Is there something I missed?

I'm using Websphere in Rational Software Architect
I have a question about JSF view-state compression. I configured client-side state-saving for our JSF application in web.xml and turn compression ON (parameter javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD set to client and parameter com.sun.faces.COMPRESS_STATE set to true) but that didn�t work. No error is thrown and the application works as usual.

The reason I know it didn�t work is because I compared the HTML generated with and without compression and they are exactly the same.

I also have a question about this configuration parameter in web.xml - Searching in Google and DeveloperWorks search turned up nothing useful.

I am using IBM JSF implementation and using Websphere
14 years ago
What kinds of paraphenelia can we expect to get after we pass the SCEA certification? When do we expect them to arrive in the mail?
Can you share with us how you created your component diagram(s)? I think many of us have the same problem.
Did you break up your component diagram into one diagram for each use case (like what Mark Cade did) or did you show just one component diagram? If you show just one component, isn't it going to get real messy with all the connectors running around?
Did you show the tiers (Web/EJB/JSP) in your component diagram?
Benedict Chng
I have reduced sequence diagrams and component diagrams into smaller pieces for the exam assignment. Is this approach being used for those who has passed the exam?
Hi Leo,
One last question: Will you be notified in any way when your results are ready for viewing? Like email? Or do you have to check everyday?
HI Leo,

Can I check with you when you submitted the assignment? Did you submit on Jan 7? I submit mine around Jan 5-6. How did you check your result? Through the website? I did not see my result yet.