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Recent posts by Ryan Sampson

I would recomend eclipse, its free and just as good if not better then the others.
Thanks Sonny, i figured it out. What i did was add a Class-Path attribute in the manifest file..

Class-Path: looks-1.1.3.jar formsrt.jar lib\

That did the job. Of course the jars have to be external like you said, but thats not a problem..

What a relief, finally got ant down, and i now know how to deploy my game.
17 years ago
ok, so i finally figured out ant and used it to compile and build a jar file. However, when i try to run the jar file, i get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/jgoodies/plaf/plastic/PlasticTheme

The class causing the error is an external jar file my program depends on.
Its called jgoodies.jar (skins the GUI) which i import in my source code. I also added it to the class path when i compiled. I used ant to include it in the final program jar, so its there. Yet when i run this jar it says the class path isnt set for it. It cant find it. Can you have jar files inside of jar files? Am i suppose to add more to the manifest file? I allready have it pointing to the class containing my main and thats working.

How do i include my external library jars my program depends on inside the final executable jar for my program so it can find them?

This is driving me crazy, first i had a hell of a time with ant, now this... Why does deployng your program have to be so complicated in java.. =(

Thanks, ryan
17 years ago
Hi, just got eclipse a few days ago and am very impressed with it.. However I'm having some very fustrating problems setting up my project path structure.. Seems like such a trivial task.

I want my program to have the following file structure

projectfolder (root)
|- src (all my source files)
|- output
|-classes (holds all class files)
|-graphics (all image files program needs)
|-lib (needed jar files)

I set my default output folder to output.

I then check the checkbox to allow output folders for source folders.. I then make it so the src folders output folder is output/classes..

I get the error msg: Cannot nest output folder 'NexGenBaseball/output/classes' inside output folder 'NexGenBaseball/output'

I know if you want to nest src folders you have to add stuff to the exclude option for the parent folder.. Tried same technique for output folders didnt help...

Should i be doing all this in ant? Never used ant..

So i created the src folder for my source files under root. No problems there..

still ok...

Originally posted by Eddie Vanda:
Check out StringTokenizer class to break the line up.

Awsome class!!
exactly what i needed, makes things very easy... Great thanks eddie!
18 years ago
thanks for the help guys appreciate it
im gonna try and parse it see how it goes.
18 years ago
Thanks Tim
that would work but my inout isnt just an integer.. So i dont think it can be read line by line as a string... Would require a lot of parsing if i did it that way...
my input file consists of:
5 w 350.00
integer, followed by a char, followed by a float...
18 years ago

input file contains the integer 322 (with no spaces before 322)
heres my output
Press any key to continue...
Seems like such a simple thing to read an integer from a text file.. very fustrating
18 years ago
so a microsoft access db is platform dependent? And if i use it in my program, people on unix or other non windows platforms will have problems?
Figured maybe it didnt matter what the platform was..
if i use JDBC in my program to work with a microsoft acess database, it should work on every platform right?
Or am i wrong, and choosing a microsoft access database as my database limits me to only windows machines?
Hi, i have a splash window that pops up when the program loads... and in the background i have the JFrame of the actual application...
what i want to do is, while the splash screen is active i want the JFrame to be dimmed.... How can i do this? I looked at the JFrame member functions and the ones it inherits and havent found anything...
18 years ago
Hi everyone, first time poster here.
Problem: the JEditorPane isn't cutting it in my application for displaying html pages... Only supports HTML 3.2 i believe...
What im doing is trying to create an application that uses a HTML GUI. Reasons, im great at HTML GUI's, and i like the custom look it will give my application...
Does anyone know of some kind of class, or browser i can use similar to a JEditorPane internally in my application that supports HTML 4.0....
Very fustrating that java has not upgraded the editor pane to support the current html standard....
IN HTML 3.2 you cant even remove the margins, they look horrible... At least all the searches i've done indicate you cant.... <body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"> Wont work...
[ January 11, 2004: Message edited by: Ryan Sampson ]
18 years ago