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Recent posts by Victor Santos

Hi all!
Is it possible for the user to do a search IN iReport pdf ?
thanks in advance!
12 years ago
Hi !
For the UML part of the exam you can read part of head first object !
Here is the link :
I hope this help you a tiny bit
15 years ago
Sorry !
the original subject is: "Switch from JEE to J2ME"
Hi all !
I�m a bit disappointed with JEE (with respect with the maketing and a lot of other things) and now I want to stop studing this .
When I was stating studing java I was very excited with J2ME , but JEE has a lot more materials to study so I decided to take certifications on it . Dumb decision .
Now I will follow my heart and go for the direction that I was allways looking for .
Could you please give me your opinion about my decision ? I would love start studing for SCMAD !
Thank you , Victor
What do you recomend me to learn : Struts or Jsf ?
Thanks , victor
15 years ago
Can I start studying Servlet 2.5 specification ? Is it in the final release ? Will this specification be part of the Sun certified Web Component Developer ?
Sorry for making so many questions
Thanks , Victor
15 years ago
Hi all !
which certification should I study for : IBM 486 or OMG certified UML professional (fundamental)? And which is the hardest ?
Thanks , Victor .
Hi !
Read Head First Servltes & JSP and you will pass
Hi all !
I would like to start studing for SCEA and I know that only head first design pattern is not enough , but I would like to know if this book ( together with HFEJB ) will help me on part 1 ?
best regards , victor
Hi Mohana !
With a good book like head first servlet and JSP ,you can pass the certification at the time you said
On first question you are right about class vs instance variable .
On second you are too . Expression is a scriptlet .
On third , the container can intantiate more than none servlet if the servlet implements SingleThreadModel . A client makes a request and a Session is created with a sessionId that will de send back to the client . on second request the client send the sessionId back and the container checks if there is a Session with the sessionId .
I think that helps
Hi all !
I saw on this link( ) that the registration is closed . what does it mean ???
16 years ago
Hi Nicholas !
Do you work for JavaRanch ?? Every time I come here you have answered , like , hundreds questions . You are every where , every time . What is your occupation man ?!?