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Recent posts by Helen Thomas

The new Opera browser.
19 years ago
Yes , please do. The weddings at 2 pm.
Charles will have to apologise publicly for his adultery before taking his vows.
19 years ago
A company in Assam is developing the tea pill.

Fancy a cuppa - pop the tea pill.

It's supposed to make a delicious cuppa when dropped in hot water.
But doesn't work very well when popped on the tongue. Within the next 6 months the tea pill is going to be released on the Indian market.

I could do with a cuppa in any form right now. Whatever next.

Key Lime Pie pill, Lemon-ice pill.
[ April 04, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago
"send up" is losing to "parody" (Eng. usage)
"lining up" similarly to "queueing"
"in the end" to "at the end of the day"

"it's up to you" and "it's down to you" appear to have the same meaning but have different subtleties.
[ April 04, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago
Englishisms that are replacing perfectly good Americanisms

"Went missing" is replacing the much better "got lost" even in America.

Any others worth a rant?
19 years ago


Not exactly a saver's paradise at 6% interest. Because it's online it should attract a lot of punters.
[ April 02, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago

Not bad for �25/year

Server Specifications
10 MB Disk space
1 GB Monthly data transfer
Red Hat Linux Operating Systems
Email Features
Catch-all email address

Email aliases

Email filters

10 POP3 accounts

SMTP gateway

1 FTP account
Unlimited email responders

Unlimited email forwarding

Web-based email

Site Management Features
Bandwidth monitoring

Control panel
Full FTP access
Resource metre
Wap support
Programming Tools
SSI (Server Side Includes)
Multimedia Features
Real audio and MP3
Domain Name
Domain Contact Management

Domain name registration
Domain name transfers
IP pointing/Zone changes
Security Features
Firewall system
Intrusion Detection System
Password protected directories
Secure state-of-the-art data centre
Customer Support
Telephone support

Email support (ticket system)
FAQs/Knowledge Base

No setup fees

Same day setup

30-day money back guarantee *

99.9% uptime guarantee

* excluding domain name registration

Domain names
Easy SiteBuilder
POP3 accounts
Anti-Virus Scanning
Spam filtering
More info... >>
19 years ago
The current (?) Pope helped catalyse the downfall of Communism in the Eastern bloc by telling the Polish people not to be afraid of change. Europe might have been a bloodier place in the 90's. Apparently the Pope would not face to the realities of Aids and that resulted in him not receiving the Noble Peace Prize.

Whoever follows in his footsteps would be standing on the shoulders of a giant. Unfortunately he would be unlikely to live up to expectations if papal history is anything to go by. Popes like him come around once every 500 - 1000 years. Or maybe even longer.
[ April 02, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago
I've used expedia and found them to be competitively cheap.

I've heard opodo were good but that might apply only to those flying from London.
19 years ago

For those who insist on Windows.

The decisions could boil down to simply :

Do you Drag and Drop every time (ganglioned hands) or let the devices do it for you........
[ March 31, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago
Hard disks are for wimps ! read Windows Icons Menus Pointers


Lantronix also offers a webserver built into an RJ-45, although that device is not based on Linux.
[ March 31, 2005: Message edited by: Helen Thomas ]
19 years ago
Are we looking for shock value as in Goya or Caravaggio or is this Damien Hirst, Tracey Ermine and the newer brothers on the block?

So hard being a critic!

Apart from the fact that these artists may come round and trash your neighbourhood.
19 years ago
I feel like the busloads of OAPs who drew up to see Monty Python and the Flying Circus and watched in increasing bewilderment at the non appearance of trapeze artists and clowns.
19 years ago
I've had to watch it without sound in a quiet place but I am pretty sure that no good can come out of it ? Or can it ?
19 years ago