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Jeffrey Spaulding

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Recent posts by Jeffrey Spaulding

I don't know what the check does - but passing the password as a GET parameter is considered extremely unsafe - maybe the check simply shares my view here and sends a 408 to prevent this technique.
11 years ago

Could we please have a little more moderation in this topic.


Because over the last few months i saw so much of this:

"I failed to understand Java, so i started with Servlets and
now this HTML stuff gets into my way all of the time.

And reading a book or doing some Google research is sooooo hard."

Please get me right, i really like to help and i found great help here.

But i think the time of most of us is very limited, so we usually browse
the first 10 - 20 items and drop an answer.

I'm just fed up with:

OK, this writing thing usually involves the knowledge of 26
characters, we sometimes call them letters that's
"L-E-T-T-E-R-S .

OK now gentlemen, as i said flame me

12 years ago
You might stick to the error message. Maybe cell1 simply isn't the right Object. How do you instantiate cell1 and how do you declare cell1?

Jeanne's answer actually meant "Yes"

With POI (look up the meaning of the acronym, it's worth it)
you have a (somewhat limited) access to the Object Model of
You construct the Objects and stream them out to a fil, which
obviously happens on the serverside.
12 years ago
Job is for an advertisement agency in Stuttgart.

Mainly creating the gearwork behind beautiful designs.

Tools used J2EE, JSTL, Struts, JUnit


Leave me a private msg

12 years ago
Look up request.getParameter() in the Servlet API Doc
12 years ago
If you run the application from the shell, the permissions are determined by the user that is logged in.

So, if you want to tun something with root privileges, you need to be logged in as root or as someone with rights equal to root.
12 years ago
assumed you ran this from a unix shell
the "&" means "Run this task in background"

The ^ has a meaning as well i think, but i don't know which -grin-

12 years ago
You could

* travel through the String char-per-char,
* use the char you have in hand as a key to a Hashmap
* and store the tally for this key as value in the Hashmap

But i'm sure there are a million other possibilities

What do the other cowboys think ?

12 years ago
Max Random = 200

your number = -100 + generatedRandomNumber

12 years ago
You can download the binaries from

You simply (well as far as classpath stuff can get simple) add the
jar to your classpath.

If you work with an IDE you can add the jar as external jar to your

In Eclipse that would be
Project->Properties->JavaBuildPath->Libraries->Add external jars

Apidoc sits here

12 years ago
You could use


Method is


Profanity Filter eh?


12 years ago
and Java Ranch's Forums run on Perl


12 years ago