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Recent posts by Karthik Jayaprakasham

Jesus! That was a relief.

No details on the score yet, all I can see on certmanager is that I did pass it.

I am quite surprised that I passed.

Actually would have preferred a fail. I was not very confident with many of the questions that were related to UDDI, JAXB etc and so i would have preferred doing the whole read (besides the experiece gain) again.

Anyway, happy (more than happy ) I passed. Thanks a lot to the folks at Sun, the folks here for the intellectual discussions and RMH for his book.

With this I have completed SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCDJWS, SCEA
16 years ago
Whats happening guys...wasnt the book supposed to be released already acc to Kathy and Bert?
Well...One more to the list. Not sure if I will pass the exam, but atleast I know if I read though RHM's book selectively I will.
Had a small design question.

EJBs are never accessed by non-J2EE clients right? For example, if I tried to lookup a bean that is outside the scope of a container, for example from an another JVM, I will not reach it.

So isnt exposing it as a webservice, bypass this whole concept. I would simply be able to find a WSDL location and call methods on the EJB. (ofcourse I could put security on to the methods and let only authenticated clients access it). But exposing a EJB to a non-J2EE client is a change in design. Not that I have anything against it, just trying to clarify it.
did you guys also read these two chapters for the exam or did you skip it?
Just a quick note to say thanks to many who helped and let know the score

Section Summary Report:

General Considerations: Maximum=58 Deductions=4 Actual=54
Documentation: Maximum=20 Deductions=3 Actual=17
GUI: Maximum=24 Deductions=3 Actual=21
Server: Maximum=53 Deductions=3 Actual=50

Total: Maximum=155 Deductions=13 Certification Score=142
16 years ago
I just found this on Sun's website about the assignment.
The following APIs and facilities may not be used:
(I have not listed a few here)
NIO, the New IO facilities
Third party software libraries or tools (such as browsers)

The description of the FBN assignment (from the original downloaded jar file) does not say anything about the use of NIO or third party software libraries.
Any thoughts? I used NIO as well as some classes from Apache.
I submitted the assignment on 8 April of and I took the essay exam on 13 April.
I know its early to expect results for the exam, but am I not supposed to see that I did upload my assignment at
I remember there used to be a page that listed all the exams from Sun and the ones I am progressing, but that seems to have disappeared.
Also this site
seems to be down?
Any suggestions?
16 years ago
What is the specific use of policy file.
As far as I understood I specify a policy file only for server operations such as
1. Starting a RMI regsitry
2. Specifying a RMI port.
3. Binding an object to the registry
4. Allow stubs to be downloaded on to client.
Is there a reason why a policy file should be distributed to a client? In which cases would a client use a plocy file?
Sorry about that...
It's the deprectaed method in writeRecord(String[])
newData[i].getBytes(0, toCopy, buffer, offset); //-deprecated
I tried using the buffer = newData[i].getBytes() instead and then immediately
calling db.write(buffer) inside a for loop to interate through every string in a string[] array. This is the ones that is corrupting the db.
Whats the best way to change the implementation for this..
The Java API says use getBytes() but this would return me all the bytes wont it, not the subsections...
According to sun's documentation that Data class in the suncertify.db is a fully functional one.
But the tests I run against adding, deleting or modifying a record makes the db corrupt.
The version of the data class I have is @version 1.1 17-Nov-1997.
Did any of you face the same problem?
the writeRecord(String[] newData) method in Data does not seem to be writing records properly to the file system. For example if i edit from a GUI the number of seats available for the record
SA001SFODENSpeedyAir400Sun13:4020m50 (from 50 available seats to 48)
what gets written is
As you can see its changing the first few chars with 48 instead of changing the last ones which represents the seat number.
I have checked the length of data that I sent to this method and it's 61 and the length of a record in the db is also 61..
So I don't know whats wrong...
Any suggestions?
I was rather disappointed that I missed out on the 6 other questions.
Regardless of what the HFE says, I have learnt more about EJB's from HFE than reading a EJB book.
17 years ago