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Recent posts by Jari Timonen

K. Tsang wrote:From my understanding, the upgrade from OCMJEA5 to OCMJEA6 is doing the 807 exam (eg part 1 of OCMJEA6 track).

I can't find upgrade exam from Oracle's site. There's only upgrade path to version 5.

Please give me some light to this issue? So, I wan't to upgrade my OCMJEA 5 to 6.


Leonides Nascimento Junior wrote:Hi All!

I failed only in Deployment Diagram and I have sufficient score to pass. I purchased the 1Z0-867 exam and now I need to upload my project but how do I send the assignment?
Do I need to send only the index.html page only with the deployment diagram (improved) link? I'm with this great doubt and fear to resubmit with any mistake.

Anybody that resubmited the assignment can help me?

thank you, Leonides.

I resubmitted as instructed in the assignment. (meaning reasubmission = fixed submission)

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Joey,
Good question. I've added the minimum section scores to the SCEA FAQ. (search the page for "minimum".)

You were too low on the class diagram which requires 26 points and the deployment diagram which requires 17 points.

I have to say it out loud: Do not do same way than in example diagrams in "The Scea" -book. Lot's of people are failing in the deploy diagram.. Me included. They should take example out of the book. Otherwise the theory was good.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I disagree that they are increasing the value of the exam. I blogged my thoughts on the topic. One of my points is that Spring Source (VM Ware) did this and the value of their exam went way down.

In my opinion managed beans does not need to implement any interface.

Sorry, but I cannot give you all the answers. Just use google and you will see lot's of examples.
Agree totally. Or, if someone gives good reason to think otherwise?
The problem is that, that notation ( ) is called lollipop and requires usage of interfaces. Round thingy is the interface and curvy indicates using that interface.

In the picture: SafetyInspection is concrete component / class that is using Staff class through Inspector interface.
Can you some example how you've modeled them? Maybe link from web? But, please do not post any links to real exam uml pictures.
I think concept is that bean manager it's transaction manually. Which mean that developer codes transaction boundaries (start/commit/rollback) itself.

So, you can configure manually transactions with jta.

Joao Bosco Jares wrote:Hi friends,

I want to thank all friends of java ranch, for all the support received during the study day of the exam. And I make available to all who need support. Thank you very much!! In special Rishi, Ashok and Ashu.

jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! =)

Congrats! I passed (out) three days ago with score 135
10 years ago
No. BMT is used in ejb3. Example see: EJB3 BMT
"inheritance allows you to restrict the bahavior of objects."

I think this depends what perspective is taken. You could also say: "inheritance allows you to add behavior of objects."

Look for overriding / overloading.

Applet can be downloaded behind firewall by client browser. Applet runs in sandbox in client jre which restricts usage. You are permitted to take connections from applet to server it was downloaded. If firewall prevents it, then technique cannot be used.

Hope this helps.