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Recent posts by gowri desai

hello all!,
This is the first time i have been assigned to do java at work ( though I went through formal training for 3 weeks). I have to write the text from string into the file in a particular directory. which type of writer should i choose, PrintWriter, FileWriter . the string consists of alphanumeric text.
can someone explain what would be the best option and why?
Thanks a ton!
17 years ago
IF you have been looking for a job of a long time ( > 6 months) I would suggest you to go ahead and take it. From my experience, if the company knows how talented and hard working you are they will raise your salary automatically. When I started on my first job after 3 years break, this consulting company offered me 19 $/hr ( not to mention I have to take train to work- 7 $ per day). I took the job as I had no offer at hand other that false promises by some consulting companies for 45-50$/hr. Within 6 months the company raised my salary to 60K. This hike was done both my client and the consulting company.
if you like the job description go for it, you have nothing to loose.

17 years ago
Hello all,
We have CDATA in a tag in xml. How can we display it correctly using XSL.
the tag looks like
<strong>hello ALL</strong>
the display output type is html and it should display 'hello ALL' in BOLD. does diplaying this depends on the encoding.
thanks a ton!