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Recent posts by Matt Bucknam

I know this is a zero added value reply but I spent much time on it during a recent conversion and ultimately grabbed the latest version from VSS, started over in Subversion from a new version, and kept VSS around in the unlikely event we needed history from it. (I say unlikely because in our case it is -- not necessarily the case for others.)
Not sure what build script you are running but make sure that the path to your jboss installation matches where it is looking. I don't think it installs there by default. Sometimes the path information is stored in files or files. Be sure that the path is correct.
17 years ago
At an even higher level, one similarity is the use of plain html mixed with code(java or VB) which is enclosed in tags. The tags are commonly refered to as scriptlet tags in JSP - I don't know what they are called in ASP but the concept is identical.
18 years ago
This doesn't answer your question but have you used the EJB test client feature in Visual Age? It allows you to fully exercise the interface to your EJB, set input variables, and walk through the behavior.
I wonder why the images show up in my JSP when I call it directly but they do not if I forward to the JSP from within a servlet. It seems as if server path is different depending on whether the servlet/jsp server handles the request or it comes through the browser. Does anyone know a way to use relative image paths that will work whether you call the jsp directly or forward to it from a servlet?
19 years ago
We did that using a utility class that converted spaces, question marks, and the equals sign into their hex representation. I think there might be something built into the API though; check the URL class for methods that might convert those characters to hex.
19 years ago
From what I have seen on this board, it almost always takes 10 business days. They post on the weekend as well because my results came through on a Saturday -- 11 days after taking the exam.
I don't think it is going to cost you any specific number of points. I would suggest keeping it at or below 80 cpl just for the sake of readability unless you have a good reason not to. You could lose a few points if the source code looks jumbled and hard to read. I think elegant source code is one of the criteria they judge on, though certainly not one of the most important. I spent a LOT of time cleaning up my source code after finishing development in Visual Age for Java.
Rick's question: You are correct. Any client that calls unlock on a particular record will unlock that record if it is locked.
Luna's question: The db file name was passed in as a parameter. However, you can use forward slashes in paths on WIN machines as well -- at least as far back as WIN98 which is where I tested it. It may be that the JRE translates them or something. The same command lines that worked on Solaris 8 worked on WIN98/2000.
David's question: I probably shouldn't be specific in my answer to your question but I have seen people do it both ways (and several others as well) and pass. Hint - Remember what I posted about keeping it SIMPLE? Just EXPLAIN and DOCUMENT all of your decisions listing the advantages and disadvantages. I think that is very important.
Comment:This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124.
General Considerations(maximum = 72): 72
Documentation(maximum = 10): 10
Object-Oriented Design(maximum = 6): 6
GUI(maximum = 20): 20
Data conversion program(maximum = 10): 10
Server(maximum = 37): 33
Used RMI for the server.
I did not track the client locking database records. However, I bet that is why I lost 4 points on the server, but I am not sure.
I used combo boxes to select airports on the client.
Created a Remote data interface and made the Data class implement it.
Created a client class which made calls on the Data class methods. All business logic was put in the client class.
Thanks to EVERYONE on this board. I only posted a couple of questions but that was because the dozens and dozens of other questions I had were already answered. I absolutely could not have passed that exam in three times the time it took me without this board for help.
I have to reiterate something that I read in Matt Delacy's thread about the test. It is easy to get sucked into worrying about every little thing. I took the path of least resistance on all design and implementation issues just like he did. I spent a ton of time on documentation and explaining my design. Apparently a good, simple, straight-forward solution is appreciated by the graders. At least it was by my grader.

I used VAJ 3.5 for the entire exam and it worked beautifully. No issues at all. The Visual Composition Editor for the GUI does tend to make relatively complicated code sometimes with all of the connections and event-handlers. You can either clean that up or justify leaving it by saying that the value of being able to continue using the IDE for future enhancement outweighs the slightly convoluted source code. I did the latter and got 20/20 on the gui assignment.
Can anyone tell me how to move the highlighted selection on a combobox list with the keyboard arrows. I would like to have the same behavior as the mouse gives. Moving the mouse over the different selections highlights them but does not actually select one until you click the mouse.
The keyboard default behavior is very different. The selection changes with each arrow press but the highlighted selection NEVER changes.
19 years ago
Matt --
Congrats. It is a hard test.
One question: I am having difficulty with dynamic classloading. Did you have a codebase or did you simply put your stubs on the client side?
Please help me with what the cause of this problem could be. If I put my data stub in the classpath of the client it works fine but if I try to set the server to download it, I get an exception.
Can anyone tell if this error is being thrown from the server or the client and how in the heck do I fix it???
This is the command line for the server:
test\classes/ -classpath ./ suncertify.server.DataServer
DataServer.main: creating registry
DataServer.main: creating server
DataServer.main: binding server
This is the command line for the client along with the exception:
C:\temp>java -classpath c:\temp\ suncertify.gui.FlyApplication
Looking up client
Remote Failure on method executionjava.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalli
ng return; nested exception is:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: suncertify.db.Data_Stub
java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling return; nested exception is:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: suncertify.db.Data_Stub
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: suncertify.db.Data_Stub
at sun.rmi.registry.RegistryImpl_Stub.lookup(Unknown Source)
at java.rmi.Naming.lookup(
at suncertify.client.DataClient.<init>(
at suncertify.gui.FlyApplication.initialize(
at suncertify.gui.FlyApplication.<init>(
at suncertify.gui.FlyApplication.main(
19 years ago
I get a class not found exception when I try to run my client. The RMI server starts correctly but it apparently cannot find the stub file to return when the client makes a call. I think it is my codebase parameter but I can't figure it out. If I put the stub class in the path with the client it works correctly.
If the stub class is in a package suncertify.db.Data_Stub and located at c:\test\suncertify\db\Data_Stub.class, shouldn't the value of the codebase be:
And just in case I am completely off target, the codebase is supplied to the server, not the client, right?