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Recent posts by Siripa Siangklom

You can use Session Facade Pattern in your Action classes to control your model.

Could you please describe some specific scenarios where BMP should be used?
For join queries can we use CMP 2.0 ? Does Containers supports mapping in this case?

CMP is not portable across app servers but supports DB portability. BMP supports Application Server portability.

I prefer to read HF EJB, however, Mastering EJB helps me to clear some topics.
1.Override the equals() method to properly evaluate the equality of two primary keys by comparing values for each part of the composite key.

2.Override the Object.hashCode() method to return a unique number representing the hash code for the primary key instance. Ensure that the hash code is indeed unique when you use your primary key attribute values to compute the hash code.
I read HF EJB to prepare SCBCD and read more theads in this forum.

Which server should I use - The Tomcat Server or Sun Java Application Server?

You can use whatever server apps support EJB such as Geronimo, JBoss, or Sun AS.
You can download JBoss 4.0.3 it is now support EJB3.
Hi Saeed,

You get infrastructure services such as transactions, pooling, security, and so on from EJB containers. You can focus on business functionality.


This is a tutorial how to set CMP in MySQL and JBoss.
16 years ago
I used Textpad for my beginning.
17 years ago
Hi dennis,
Do you provide JTextFields for insert any new configuration information?