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Recent posts by Dmitry Danilov

Hi all,

I have configured access to IBM MQ as a Foreign JMS Server in Weblogic. It works OK - messages are forwarded from Weblogic to MQ, but after the first message is sent I have the following in the logs happening exactly every 2 minutes, even though the application is not doing anything:

Anybody know what the heck that might be about?

Thanks a lot
12 years ago
Thanks James.
It seems I've found the root of the evil - Kodo. It does not automatically propagate changes from one field in bidirectional relation to the other field unless you explicitly add Kodo's config property "kodo.InverseManager = true" in persistence.xml.

That problem is gone now, but another emerged - "Attempt to set column "ER_CORPORATE_EVENT_VERSIONS.INTERNAL_ID" to two different values: (class java.lang.Long)"268", (null)"null" This can occur when you fail to set both sides of a two-sided relation between objects, or when you map different fields to the same column, but you do not keep the values of these fields in synch."

I'm at a loss again. What might be the cause of this? I just don't see any obvious errors in the code...
Hi Mark,
Thanks very much for replying.

I already have one "mappedBy" in the @OneToMany annotation in the 1st class, do you mean I need it somewhere else as well?
[ April 09, 2008: Message edited by: Dmitry Danilov ]
Hi guys,

I have one nasty trouble persisting entity relationship. Here are my classes:

1. OneToMany class:

2. ManyToOne class

Before the object is persisted, all properties are populated except for both ids - autogenerated PKs, and internalId in the 2nd class - the foreign key - also null.
When I try to persist the object, I get
Seems like the ID value is not propagated down and INTERNAL_ID is never updated when the second class is persisted.

Could someone HELP please? I've been struggling with for more than 5 days already... I'm pretty sure it's something small and silly...

P.S. Weblogic 10, persistence provider - Kodo
[ April 08, 2008: Message edited by: Dmitry Danilov ]
Seema and Valentin,

The readers of the extremely popular Head First series can be easily divided into at least 2 categories: those who adore it for its style and I also know those who dislike it because they don't find it serious enough and they believe that all the humor and unusual presentation only distract their attention.
Being myself part of the 1st category, let me ask you a question: which material presentation style does your book adhere to? Is it more HF like, i.e. entertaining, cheerful and funky, or rather classical and orthodox textbook style, or something in between?

Hi Seema and Valentin,

I didn't find any information on what EJB spec version is covered in the book. Am I right in my assumption that it'll be 3.0?

Ulf, you'll be laughing mate, but I spent a whole day seeking high and low...
Hi all,

Does anybody know how to determine operating system of DB2 through jdbc?
Looks like one could use DataBaseMetaData.getDatabaseProductName(), which in case of Windows will return something like 'DB2/NT'. But what about other OS'es like Unix, z/OS and OS/400?
I have found a workaround! The jdbc driver treats curly braces as escape symbols, so they have to be escaped. Having not found a way to escape them, I simply called Statement.setEscapeProcessing(false) and the whole thing worked.

Stil wondering if there is a more elegant solution out there...
Hi there,

I'm trying to execute the following command against Oracle 10g through jdbc's Statement.executeUpdate():

but jdbc driver fails with the following exception:

I then started playing around with the java source code in the command string and discovered that the problem is possibly caused by the curly braces in the code. If I remove the curly braces, I then get an exception from Oracle which says that it was expecting one of the following:
"extends" ...
"implements" ...
or "{" ...
but encountered end of file.

So it's really starting to look like the jdbc driver cannot parse curly braces while Oracle is expecting to see them.
Does anybody know what was wrong in what I did, and if it was - what is the correct way to CREATE JAVA SOURCE with Oracle JDBC?
I was using the Oracle 10g thin driver (ojdbc14_g.jar).

Thank you.
[ June 23, 2006: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Hi there,

Doesn anybody happen to know if so called 'trusted connection' (Windows NT authentication) to MSSQL is supported by some version of MS jdbc driver?

Dude, your intentions are truly commendable...
What is your question?
16 years ago
Thanks for your reply, Joe. Gotta think it over now...
16 years ago