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Notice this paragraph:

There were 105 attacks on homeless in 2004, including 25 deaths, according to the Washington, D.C.-based National Coalition for the Homeless. The majority of attackers were young men between the ages of 16 and 25.

I guarantee you that these kids had a blast doing this and were on a natural high when they finished with the beatings. Maybe they were running low on crystal meth and needed to do something about "feeling low"?

I think in order to understand what is going on here, we all need to go back in time and remember the twisted things we, or our friends, used to do when we were that age. The problem is that each generation is doing things at the younger age and is coming up with things that are more and more twisted than the one before. And obviously we are crossing into criminal zone.

When I first moved down here to DC some 5 years ago, I dated some girl who was right out of high school. She was telling me that her friends would have sex just because they were bored. There is a lot of deviated behaviour that the kids display and the world out there doesn't know about.
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15 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:

Well, I am on your side about putting money in your 401K. But in that time period, I'd say that actually the mutual funds performed worse. Many people lost more than that. Some Mutual Funds really underperformed. Those people would have still lost a lot of money, and some of those people might have been smarter and lost less money.


Don't get me wrong guys. 401k is way to go for the majority of the people out there. Investing is lot of hard work. But if you are willing to do it, it can be quite rewarding.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Kishore Dandu:

Full control!!!
Tell this to friends of mine who lost tons of money in 2000-2001 because they got full control & thought(they still think) they are geniuses. They probably lost about 70% of market value in 1 year.

But how much did they make before they lost those 70%? And if they were not able to recognize bubble signs, maybe they deserved to lose?

There is no free lunch out there.
15 years ago
Kishore, to each his own.

If some one is making lots of money, 401k contribution is suggested...

It is suggested because there is an assumption that the contributor is not capable of investing on his own. If there is no match by your employer and if you preffer to invest on your own, IRA will give you much larger number of investment vehicles that you can play. Anybody with decent investing/trading knowledge wants complete control over his/her money and 401k can not give you such.

Sorry to be drifting away from the original question. Just tried to help.
15 years ago
I really see no point of having 401k if they are not going to match certain percentage. The goal of having 401k is not just investing for your retirement but getting some extra $$$ from your company when they match.

If you are looking to invest for your retirement, you are much better of with IRA then. You'll have a much wider choice of investment vehicles than going with 401k. We have 401k through fidelity and there is only about 15 funds available. Horrible. If it wasn't for the company's match, I'd be long gone.
15 years ago
request.setAttribute(String s, Object o);
16 years ago
I'd pay a visit to Oahu for at least a day if I were you. Honolulu is cool and the great thing about it is that being so diverse and with all the Japanese tourists you feel like you are in a foreign country.
Visit Polynesian Cultural Center if you have a chance. Then there are few dinner cruises and dinners/shows on the beach that are also great. I forgot their names but they are easy to find as they are main attractions there. And oh yeah, going down 120 feet in Atlantis Submarine is something you should do too.
Have fun.
16 years ago
And here is a gui version of keytool. Much friendlier version of command-line tool.
16 years ago
Have you thought about Mazda RX-8?
Less expensive than most in the group, good looks, and good performance if you pick one with manual transmission.
16 years ago
Interesting to hear that. I had only outstandnig delivery times with them. Sometimes would receive items on a second day even though the order was placed on Sunday evening.
It might depend on items that you are buying from them...
16 years ago
Can you let us know what error are you getting and post stack trace here?
17 years ago
Use package variable. Docs also say you can use a PL/SQL-Table or a temporary table but I think first one is the easiest. Search the web. There should be some simle examples out there.