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Recent posts by Dan Wiriya

Thanks a million Jeff! I have tried websvn and it works It's very easy to setup and run (eventhough I had a little problem on gzopen()--zlib things).

Thanks again
Hi Jeff & folk,

Is it possible to get "table of content" of the book? If yes, where could it be?

FYI, I have downloaded the first chapter of the book. It contains the brief table of content (specifically, only the chapter name). I would like to know if book cover how to setup and integrate "viewcvs" with svn repositories.

Also, I have seen several websites using viewcvs-1.0-dev with their svn repositories. Unfortunately, I have tried to set it up but no luck. Do you have any suggestions/advice on resources/how-to set it?

Thank you in advance,

I am wondering if there is "table of content" available somewhere.
Hi Kathy,
Thank you for your answers and info on both EJB2.0 stituation and WebService Cert.
It helps me understand more on what's going on.
Actually, I'm one of your book's fans. I just passed SCJP coz of reading your (very very good) killer guide book.
No doubt. I ordered HF-EJB before I posted this topic and I am anxiously waiting for reading it
Now, having known your opinions and read the forums, I have ton of good solid reasons for taking the exam.
Thanks a lot ,
Thx David!
I think you are right. As long as I know, most of the lastest EJB containers now are EJB-2.0 based container, e.g., BEA Weblogic 8.1, JBoss 3.x, (4.x?). However, I believe that the container providers will luanch their new EJB-2.1 based container soon. (Possibly, this year?)
One of the interesting topics for me might be how much different b/w EJB2.0 and 2.1 in terms of beans' behaviours, beans' life cycle, and design pattern.
Thanks in advance for all comments
Hi folks,
I'm now thinking about taking SCBCD exam. As of now, we know that J2EE1.4 and EJB2.1 final spec released while SCBCD exam is based on J2EE1.3 and EJB2.0 spec. (Am I right?)
Sooner or later J2EE1.4 will become a new platform, I'm wondering if SCBCD, more specifically CX-310-090, still be helpful/useful in the next 6 months or at the end of 2004.
That leads to the question that how long EJB2.0 will be used in the industries? Also, how different between EJB2.0 and EJB2.1 is?
In summary, do you think it's worth taking CX-310-090 in the next 3 months?
Thanks in advance for all comments
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