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Sebastian Green

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Recent posts by Sebastian Green

First thing first, if your new to J2ME I sugest you google for some HelloWorldMIDlet. How about this one? Second try to catch up (Im still trying) with the concept of J2ME. Why the limted API. Whats the different between CLDC & MIDP etc etc. This info are surely available at Sun.
14 years ago
Hello, Im having no luck at sun MIDP forum sp I'll have to try my luck here at the ranch.

I have this wordwrap from I works good accept I want to the wordwraper to break line if there is char '|' found. I allready tried to replace


And that didnt do it...

Here is the source and usage... Im very greatfull if some one could help me with this one..
14 years ago
Well I have no reason why I cant create files relative. Simply I havent been able to do it. Pls tell how.

My workaround for the problem was the System.getProperty("user.dir") and worked my way out of there.
14 years ago
I want to make a file on the webserver then make it downable. To make the txt file I have to define the whole path like C:\tomcat\webapps\mywebapp\file.txt. Thats works fine ONLY if tomcat is installed on that location. If I move mywebapp tp an other tomcat server (colud be located F:\tomcat) it wont work

Is there a dynamic solutions for this?
14 years ago
Well in my td tag there wont be another htmltag. No new lines, just a-z&0-9.. your code didnt do the trick. Here is my String

The value I want is "7 r", "2 st" & "6 194 834 p".

Thansk for your time!
14 years ago
I want to fetch any data between a <td>sart tag and </td>end tag. I only find examples for getting the tags and not the data...
14 years ago
never mind, I totaly missunderstod xslL : param... my bad!
What do you mean? Isnt

enough to to retrivie the value from the url?
in my sxl doc I have this
<xsl aram name="action"/>
<xsl:when test="$action=list">
<xsl:call-template name="list"/>
<xsl therwise>
<xsl:call-template name="welcome"/>
</xsl therwise>

If i use request.getParameter("action") fro my jsp file, the result is "list". But the xsl:when test wont be true...


Originally posted by Balaji Loganathan:
<xsl:variable name="Para1" select="./@id"/>
<a href="/whatever?para={$Para1} />">whatever</a>

Not sure about the second option, but the first one shd work.

Thx, works like a charm!
I want to create a simple link in my xsl-stylesheet
But Im not able to add a parameter with XPath, like this:

What should I do, xsl must support dynamic link output?
I have problems with my SAXParser, its not able to find the dtd.

<!DOCTYPE movies SYSTEM "movies.dtd">

I thinks its is because the classfile is runned in a diffrent location then the xmlfile is stored. I have to use this value to get things going.

<!DOCTYPE movies SYSTEM "C:\myxml\movies.dtd">

Is there a work around for this, I would like to keep none-static path to the dtd.

Im using the example code provided by SAX

out = new BufferedWriter(new PrintWriter(new FileWriter(usersXMLpath))) is where is save alla the data. I added some setOutputProperty and the resulted in that alla the nodes where indented but the first!

myTransformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.METHOD, "xml");
myTransformer.setOutputProperty("{}indent-amount", "4");
Thx Lasse. I thougth I would edit the post instead post a new, but as I mention I done with the Element interface. But still, the indent problem. grrr.
I mange to solve the Attr, thanks for the tip. I was looking around in the org.w3c.dom.Node instead of org.w3c.dom.Element.

But I still have the INDENT problem, all the new element are positioned as the root element. Any clue?
[ September 03, 2004: Message edited by: Sebastian Green ]